ADPR InsightTop TipsWork 06.04.2021

Six easy ideas for repurposing your content

We all spend a lot of time, effort and money producing podcast and video content and at ADPR we are passionate about helping our clients get the most amount of value possible from every single piece. Below are our top ideas for repurposing your content!


  1. Whatever content you have covered in your video or a podcast will be perfect to be a blog. Seeing as you should be transcribing your podcasts anyway, this should be an easy move. Tip: services like Descript can help you do this at the click of a button! It also means that for any of your audience who prefer to read over watching or listening, they have that option too. There is the added bonus that writing a blog based on your video or podcast can help boost your SEO. Similarly, blogs can be published as articles on LinkedIn too!

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  1. Using a free design tool like Canva makes creating interesting quotes or stand-out statistics from your video or podcast into social posts a breeze. This works great at publicising your original content (your video or podcast) to new audiences, as well as being engaging content for your social channels too.

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  1. Taking this design concept one step forward, you could use the information within your video or podcast to design an infographic, which could be used on your social channels, on your website and you could even send it to relevant media if it was newsworthy.

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  1. Speaking of which, you could pitch the findings from your podcast or video as a feature or an interview to relevant media. If you get commissioned, you simply write up your findings in a by-lined article on the publication’s website, helping to promote your podcast or video to an even wider audience.


  1. If there was an interesting topic that you touched on within your video or podcast that you wished you had longer to go into the detail of, then now is the perfect time! Pick out key topics and draft associated blogs that link to the original piece of content. This offers valuable content to your audience as well as helping increase the dwell time on your site.

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  1. A lead magnet is a piece of valuable content that your audience downloads in exchange for their email address. Your video or podcast topic may be perfect to create into a lead magnet, this could be a longer-length guide, a template plan or a checklist.


What are your favourite ways to repurpose content? Let us know on our socials or by emailing Our confident communications product can help you extract as much value as possible from your existing marketing spend, get in touch today to find out how we can help!