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What is content marketing and why does it matter?

There’s a lot of talk about content marketing and how it’s an essential element of any marketing mix, but what actually is it, and will it deliver for your business?  Content marketing has been defined by the Content Marketing Institute as, “A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” This is actually very similar to the definition of PR, and that’s why PR and content are so now closely aligned.

It doesn’t matter what sort of marketing activity your business undertakes, quality content should be a key feature. Producing top quality content makes you valuable to your customers, instead of shouting “buy me” through advertising, content-based strategies provide your customers with something that is useful, entertaining or informative – and that they will want to share online. It has the added benefit of helping to improve your SEO – as Google loves fresh, new content.

In today’s technology-driven, busy, crowded and connected world, in order to achieve cut through, brands have to engage with customers on a personal level and capture their (increasingly reduced) attention.

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Content can take many forms – articles, videos, blog posts, how-to-guides, images, infographics, to name just a few. The key things is to ensure the content you create resonates with your target audience – does it solve a problem for them?

The Content Marketing Association say there are seven elements that define successful content marketing:

  1. It’s produced for a brand – Content marketing is ultimately a sales tool. It may take longer than some other mediums, but it still sells product.
  2. It’s multichannel – Good content is designed to work across any channel (potentially in different formats). A channel could be your website, your newsletter or social media sites for example. Driving engagement with your target market via the channel using your content is the key.
  3. It seeks to form a deep relationship with a consumer – This is no 30-second medium. Content marketing forms a powerful, long-lasting bond with its target audience, where you solve your customer’s problem.
  4. It’s measurable – No measurement, no results, no point! All content platforms have a number of established methods for proving effectiveness.
  5. It engages the consumer for a significant length of time – Content is all about sustained attention, gaining your customers’ trust by drawing them into your brand’s world for an enviable amount of time.
  6. It performs a number of marketing tasks – Awareness, loyalty, sales, brand-building, engagement, cut-through, point of difference, and many more.
  7. It’s effective – Countless studies have proved that content marketing consistently outperforms other media over a greater length of time.

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In the online space, quality content is a key driving factor in building brand loyalty and attracting new customers, so make sure creating top quality, shareable content is on your business’s marketing plan this year.

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