ADPR meetsEvent PRTop Tips 23.07.2020

Creative AI – does it exist?

In short: Yes!

Discussions around AI in communications tend to centre around data processing, driving automation, measuring effectiveness, and essentially making a communication pro’s life a bit easier.

We of course use data and research to drive campaigns and make sure they are hitting the mark and getting results, but we can go further. AI, teamed with humans, can break the norm, be fantastically creative, and tackle challenges in an inventive and impactful way.

In the latest edition of Digital Taunton, we heard from Tiny Giant, experts in using emerging tech to create campaigns and experiences that solve problems and pack a creative punch.

One of their projects was too good not to share.


The Cheltenham Science Festival’s AI Curator

The Cheltenham Science Festival wanted to take the event to the next level and inspire festival goers by using AI to curate the whole festival, alongside some other renowned human curators.

Using 10 years of festival talks as their dataset, the team used AI to generate hundreds of potential talks. They trained a recurrent neural network named AIDA, after Ada Lovelace (of course), and four of AIDA’s suggestions were placed in a Twitter poll for people to select a winner.

The result? “Introvert Narwhals” became a much-discussed event at the festival. AIDA’s event was packed and featured science presenter, Ashley Kent, playing her in human form. She also sat alongside the human guest curators in the festival guide, so the team used neural networks to generate a foreword of her own.

AIDA was a great success, featured in numerous articles and was asked to appear on BBC Radio for a breakfast-time Q&A session. To do this, they used a deep-learning software development kit to create her voice.


We heard so much more about the advantages of using AI, but a few key takeaways for us were:

  • Think about how AI can work WITH people to create something entirely new – you’ll be amazed at what you can come up with!
  • Don’t go hell-for-leather for AI just for something *cool* to do – make sure it is solving a real problem too
  • It doesn’t have to be an eye-wateringly expensive operation – a lot of it is down to how much data you have to work with and the time spent training your AI (obviously you still need your creative humans to help bring it all to life!)

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