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Telling your brand story through the power of video

If you don’t give the market your story to talk about, they will define your brand story for you. The best way to tell your story is through video. Here are a few facts that will more than justify your video marketing budget.

More people watch video than read text

By 2019, 90% of the world’s internet traffic is predicted to be video [Cisco] so there has never been a better time to embrace video marketing as the most effective form of communication. Recent studies show that 85% of companies are finding success with video marketing and there’s no doubt that video can engage in a way that text never can.

Video gets you Search Engine visibility

If your site features video it’s going to rank better. Adding video to your website can increase the chance of a front page google result by 53 times. [Comscore]

Video grabs attention – and keeps it!

Significantly more information is retained by watching video, than by reading a brochure. Studies found that people retained 10% of what they read, 26% of what they heard and 30% of what they saw but 50% of what they saw and heard. [Wharton Business School]. But make sure you’re remembered for the right reasons – bad video can do your brand more harm than good.

Video lets you tell your story your way

A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words; [Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research]. People’s attention flits over webpage and your message can be missed, but video engages your clients, controlling brand perception and driving sales. A professionally produced video will be tailored to convey your message and calls to action direct to your target audience.

Video is effective marketing – it sells…

And there is a wealth of stats that prove this. Our favourites are: Video direct mail response rates are 600% higher than response to printed brochures [Wharburton] and 64% of consumers purchase after watching branded videos [Animoto].

Tracking the views

Video success can be clearly measured – conversion rate, increased traffic and View Rate (VR) demonstrate success and can be easily accessed. (Practical Ecommerce).

Ever more sophisticated metrics allow you to track not just views of your videos, but how long people watched for, how many watched the whole video and how many shared it with their friends. Video can help you reach customers you didn’t even know existed informing future marketing strategy.

Professional video vs. user-generated content

Use both – but don’t confuse what they do. User-generated content is a way of engaging with the users who provide it. Professional video is the most important marketing tool you have. It works for you. Research shows that the higher the quality, the more receptive a consumer will be to your message [Nielsen]. Your video is an extension of your brand. You have thought very carefully about your brand. You know what you want to achieve. Video will put you in front of your largest audience – it’s worth taking control of that opportunity.

Value for money

Digital technology has slashed the price of budgets so that professional video production costs are now far more affordable. The content, style and versatility of video, the audience size, trackability and information-retention gives video an ROI that’s hard to ignore.

Focus Pocus are creative filmmakers specialising in story-led video with a fresh perspective that enriches your brand and extends your marketing reach. 


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