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Bringing communications out of the shadows

Do you use WhatsApp or similar to share business information? Is the use of personal messaging devices for work covered in your company information security and data policies? Are your colleagues choosing to use personal devices rather than existing official channels to communicate?

Shadow communications – the use of personal devices to communicate with colleagues or clients – is not a new phenomenon. In research last year produced by Yapster, a London startup that provides mobile messaging for large, multi-site organisations, more than half of those surveyed use some type of personal electronic messaging for work purposes.

The trend towards using “shadow communications” such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and personal email is in part being driven by the entry of increasing numbers of digital natives into employment. In the research almost two thirds (64%) of 18-34 year olds admitted to using personal messaging services for work with convenience rather than urgency being cited as the main driving factor.

With new GDPR rules, the increasing importance of information security and ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive business information and operating procedures, using shadow communications potentially increases the risk of compliance breaches and reputational issues.

However, the latest technological developments also offer exciting ways to enhance the way we communicate with and engage our staff.  There’s a reason that your staff are choosing to have conversations on their personal networks. It also means that you can’t join in, and be part of that conversation which is a missed engagement opportunity.

Ask your team why they are choosing to communicate in this way? It’s guaranteed that the answers will help to improve how your business operates.

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