The AI edge: Four ways AI can elevate customer service

In our recent Revitalise & Grow podcast episode, we looked at how AI is revolutionising the way marketers work, today we’re focusing on how AI can improve customer service.

Phone with speech bubbles

As we mentioned in our recent blog on building brand trust, having amazing customer service is a non-negotiable. It is the difference between winning new customers and retaining existing ones, or face losing out to your competitors! However, it can be expensive and inefficient, with employees’ time spent dealing with menial and mundane tasks, keeping them from supporting those customers that really need help.

Here’s where AI can step in and help improve customer service:

Robot looking like customer service agent

1) Chatbots

The majority of customer enquiries are actually very simple and can be dealt with effectively by AI solutions. Queries such as paying a bill, updating personal details, finding out stock levels or store opening times can all easily be handled by chatbots.

This solves a problem for both the business and the customer, as chatbots can be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and frees up the customer service agents to deal with more complex queries. What’s more, Hubspot discovered that 63% of people who used AI-driven services like chatbots didn’t even realise they were using AI!

2) Tailored experiences

AI tools can help brands deliver a more personal experience. With customers being 80% more likely to buy from a brand that has tailored their experience for them, this is a big deal! Examples include predictive personalisation such as your streaming platform recommending what to watch next, brands remembering what you purchased and emailing when you might be running out, and using your IP address to display your most recent order when you next log in to the site to make re-ordering a breeze.

3) Monitoring customer feedback

Measuring sentiment is made a lot simpler using AI. Monitoring customer feedback is an important way to understand how your business is being perceived by its customers. Using AI can now make the process a lot quicker, cheaper and easier. AI tools can monitor calls and emails and analyse the sentiment to categorise interactions as positive, negative or neutral.

You can even use AI to measure important metrics such as net promoter scores and some tools can be trained to pick up on certain key phrases to ensure they get logged. For example, your business may want to know how many refunds are being requested or if a phone number is being called out, the software programme saves it automatically on the customer’s file. Similarly, the AI can be trained to support the customer service agent by flashing up relevant information when the customer uses key words.

4) Supercharge your marketing

Using AI for customer experience supercharges your marketing. By embedding AI tools within your customer experience, you can segment your customer database quickly and accurately. This can support you to show only the most relevant adverts and offers to the correct customer segment, saving time, budget and resources.

Similarly, AI tools can speed up the sales lead qualifying process by ensuring prospects are funnelled correctly and only serious, qualified leads are sent through to your sales team.

Phew, there’s a lot that AI can help with! If you’d like to discuss using AI in your business, drop us a line at hello@adpr.co.uk or request for one of the team to give you a call.