ADPR InsightADPR loves 11.11.2020

The ADPR guide to keeping life fun in Lockdown #2 …without a quiz in sight!

Hands up if the thought of another Zoom quiz fills you with dread! Don’t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun organising (and winning!) quizzes during Lockdown Part One, but for us the good old Friday night Zoom quiz has lost its novelty factor for now.

Anyone familiar with the ADPR team will know what a sociable bunch we are and nothing short of a global pandemic could stop us from having things in the diary to look forward to! But with busy days and dark evenings, even we’ve been a bit rubbish when it comes to getting together for social reasons.

We all know that it’s likely to be a long winter, the usual Christmas party is off the table and once again we’re confined to our homes. We’re incredibly lucky that we enjoy getting together as a team and believe it’s important for us to do so, but if we don’t plan it doesn’t happen!

We’ve had some fun this week brainstorming our lockdown wellbeing and entertainment schedule and I’m pleased to report that we have an extensive list of things to choose from and there’s barely a quiz in sight (apart from where we still have a few scores to settle – you know who you are!).

So, if you’re struggling to think of ways to get you and your team through the next few weeks, feel free to draw a little bit of inspiration from us.

Life is all about achieving the right balance, so before we head straight to the party let’s tackle our plans for keeping mentally and physically well. This is more important than ever before and although the winter months can make it harder to remain motivated, the benefits will always be worth the effort.

Morning Yoga Movement:

Throughout November, the ADPR team is taking part in Kassandra Reinhardt’s Morning Yoga Movement Challenge. Suitable for all levels, this a completely free programme where we practice ten minutes of yoga every morning for 30 days. Gentle classes that use affirmations for positivity are enabling us to start our days with purpose, intention and a nicely stretched body.

Yoga has been a bit of a lifeline for me this year. It’s helped to calm my mind as well as increasing my strength and flexibility and I can highly recommend Kassandra. Check out her You Tube channel to access hundreds of free classes.

woman doing yoga

700 Mile Challenge:

Don’t panic, we haven’t suddenly become endurance athletes! Like all teams, we have varying degrees of love for getting outdoors in the winter months and wanted a challenge that was achievable and accessible for us all. Whether running, walking, cycling or skipping, fresh air and movement is key to overall wellbeing and we need to be doing as much of it as possible.

Between now and Christmas the ADPR team will be clocking up as many miles as possible to reach our 700 mile target. It really doesn’t matter how or when we clock up the miles (as long as it’s not by car!), what matters is that we are all encouraged to contribute by getting out there and adding to the total.

After creating some yoga zen and clocking up all those miles, we’ll be ready for a well-deserved drink and this is where the real fun begins!

silhouette of person walking under white clouds

MacMillan Games Night In:

Charities have been some of the hardest hit during the pandemic and we love this initiative from MacMillan Cancer Support. The MacMillan Games Night in is on our ‘must do’ list. What’s not to love about a fun evening, whilst raising money for a fantastic cause?

Over the coming weeks we will be trying to find our way out of a virtual escape room, placing our bets at the races and figuring out ‘whodunnit’ in a murder mystery fuelled evening. And yep, you guessed it, there’s even a quiz on offer for those who haven’t quite got it out of their system yet!

closeup photo of dices

Christmas Crafternoon:

We’re a bit behind when it comes to the lockdown craze of learning a new hobby and our intentions of becoming Insta-worthy artists, knitters and bakers have fallen by the wayside a little. It may be a while until we’re Insta ready, but it’s never too late to start! We aren’t going to be revealing our crafty plans just yet. I’d love to say we’re planning a big unveiling, but the truth is we’re yet to decide where to sprinkle our creative magic. Watch this space…a homemade Christmas card from ADPR may be taking centre stage on your mantlepiece this year!

four red candles

Glitz and Glamour at the Virtual ADPR Awards:

If the BAFTAs and EMMYs can do it, then so can we! Make-up, hair straighteners and evening wear seem like a dim and distant memory of the past and whilst it may have been liberating to embrace our more natural selves, the time has come to ditch the comfies in favour of bringing some much needed glamour to Zoom!

yellow and white trophy

It’s been a tough year, but amongst the doom and gloom we’ve achieved some incredible things and have made memories we’ll never forget. We aren’t afraid to say that we fully deserve to celebrate ourselves and the work we’ve achieved as a team and we’ll be doing so by holding our very own awards evening. Any excuse to get dressed up and open the bubbles!

Multiple studies have proved that those who have satisfying relationships in their life are happier, have fewer health problems and live longer. That’s three pretty good reasons to switch off Netflix, emerge from under your blanket and create time and space to have some fun with your colleagues.

Let us know what you and your team have planned for the next few weeks by dropping us an email at We love to hear from you and we’re always looking for inspiration to keep the ADPR social calendar full!

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Kate x