The spirit of Christmas adverts

We all know “holidays are coming” when we see the infamous red truck travel across our screens, and we all look forward to seeing what the big brands have in store for us each Christmas. So, what’s our verdict this year?

Red truck aside – just for the minute – Coca-Cola has also launched its second seasonal advert, showcasing the real magic of Christmas in bringing everyone together. We see the community working as a team to create a make-shift chimney for Santa to deliver his presents – and for one special recipient, it’s an invite to share Christmas dinner together. It’s got love, food and togetherness! A solid 7/10 from us, although we would have liked to have seen more brand references throughout.

Always highly anticipated each year, the John Lewis team have created an impressive legacy of pulling on our heartstrings and leaving a longstanding memory for its customers. So, what do we think this year? In an intriguing step, we see the development of an extra-terrestrial friendship and sharing Christmas traditions, all dedicated to making your first Christmas a magical one. A sparkly 6/10 this time, just because we feel this approach is a bit tired now for John Lewis.

Sticking with the futuristic theme, Lidl centres its ad around a family who enjoy all the trimmings each year, in their fabulously festive, branded Christmas-wear. In a whistle-stop-tour through time, we see their Christmas dinner evolve into the future, where we’ll be carving our turkey with a laser – who knew! A light-hearted, family theme, perfectly aimed at their customers, with plenty of unmissable brand references for driving that all important salience. A galactic-sized 8/10.

Bringing it back home and getting in touch with our inner child, McDonald’s encourages us to get #ReindeerReady by reminding us that you’re never too old to have an imagination. A sweet message, entwined with the traditional reindeer treats (carrot sticks), we see a girl’s love for her imaginary friend, Iggy, fade as she grows up. Faith is thankfully restored when she sees a younger boy get excited about his reindeer treats and she looks for Iggy once more. We all grow up, but some traditions are forever, and we love the sentiment. McDonald’s offering a masterclass in marketing all year round. A cosy 9/10 for Iggy.

Boots also shows us the joy of being with our family and friends this season, and the happiness of connecting with each other with its #BagsofJoy. A nice sales tactic by also highlighting the hundreds of gifts to choose from so you can “find the joy in giving the perfect gift”. Boots has it all wrapped up this Christmas and a 8/10 is in the bag.

And last but by no means least, Aldi present us “A Christmas Carrot” this year, playing on the traditional Charles Dickens’ story of finding your Christmas spirit. A lovely, festive message of being happy to be kind and thinking about others, depicted by Ebanana, Kevin the Carrot, some friendly peas and a Marcus Radish-ford, amongst others. Humour, spirit and master storytelling, with a charity commitment to boot – what more could you ask for? Top marks here: 10/10.

Which ads are you loving this Christmas? Send us a DM, comment on our socials or say hello via: hello@adpr.co.uk to let us know!

Enjoy the festivities this season and stay safe.

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