Unlocking the power of coaching in business

In today’s fast paced world, the traditional culture of business has evolved, with a firm focus placed on the relationship between organisations and their employees. Good business leaders will know that creating a high-performance culture is key to their overall success and are striving to increase overall employee performance and engagement. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by bringing coaching to the heart of their company’s culture. 

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Coaching is a goal centred discipline, focused on the belief that everyone has the power to achieve success through acknowledging and using their own resources, rather than being told what to do. Coaching industry pioneer, Sir John Whitmore, describes coaching as, “Unlocking people’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”. Ultimately, this means creating partnership and collaboration with employees, rather than using the traditional model of command and control.  

Introducing a coaching leadership style can bring significant benefits to your company. Read our top five below: 

Individual empowerment

Coaching conversations build confidence and dispel traditional hierarchical models of leadership by focusing on strengths, solutions, and future success, rather than weaknesses, problems, or past performance. This helps employees to discover their own potential and encourages them to develop a proactive mindset where they will be motivated to take ownership of their own professional development.  

Better communication

A coaching leadership style is based on trust, belief and non-judgement, where best practice isn’t always dictated by the leader. Feeling heard and seen is critical for employee engagement and leaders who encourage open, honest conversations in the workplace will create an environment where feedback is constructive and well received amongst employees.  

Improved skillsets

High performance cultures thrive on continuous learning and skills development. Coaching allows each employee to create personalised development plans that are tailored to their specific strengths or challenges and shows them how their skills contribute to the company’s success. 

Better problem solving

No business is immune to challenges, and the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently is essential for success. Coaching gives individuals the tools needed to approach issues calmly and confidently by supporting the development of better critical thinking skills, creativity and resilience within a safe and nurturing environment. 

Employee engagement and retention

Companies who invest in coaching for their employees demonstrate that they value and believe in their people. This commitment to professional growth enhances employee satisfaction, reducing turnover rates and ongoing HR issues. Employees who feel supported and invested in are more likely to stay with their employer and will be more proactive at contributing towards the overall success of the company and its high-performance culture. 

Good communication

If you would like to talk to us further on how we can help with coaching employees on an individual basis, or support business leaders to enhance their leadership style, drop us a line: hello@adpr.co.uk or request a call back.


Kate O'Sullivan

Joint Managing Director

As Joint Managing Director and Owner of ADPR, Kate ensures the smooth day-to-day running of ADPR, its impressive portfolio of clients and team of talented staff. Kate is passionate about helping businesses to grow and succeed through the power of communications.

Kate has worked alongside many different companies ranging from global organisations through to SMEs and start-ups. Kate’s experience has immersed her in a wide range of sectors including travel & tourism, health & fitness, marine, retail, professional services, defence and food & drink. She takes a strategic approach to marketing and PR, ensuring that activity is aligned to help clients reach their goals.

Kate is a firm believer in good leadership and people development and works closely with her team, supporting them to develop their own skill sets and professional interests. She is also a Personal Performance Coach, achieving accreditation from The Coaching Academy, the largest life coaching course provider in the world. In her role as Coach, Kate supports individuals or groups to set and achieve goals in many areas of life including business, health and wellbeing, career, relationships and work-life balance, centring around the belief that everyone has the power to achieve their goals through acknowledging and using their own resources, rather than being told what to do.

Under Kate’s ownership, ADPR has won multiple industry awards including Outstanding Small PR Consultancy, Best Consumer Relations Campaign, Best Arts, Culture or Sports Campaign and Best Apprenticeship Employer. She was also named in South West Business Insider’s prestigious 42 Under 42 feature showcasing the region’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs under 42 years of age.

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