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We’re launching a podcast! And exciting podcast training news too!

We are super excited to let you know that we are launching the ADPR podcast, Revitalise & Grow. We’ve been working away on it for the past few months and can’t wait to share it with you soon!

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Hosted by our Associate Director, Jenny Walford, each podcast episode is around 30 minutes long and covers a key topic in PR and communications discussed between some of the ADPR team members. It has been designed to give businesses the tools to help them manage or optimise their PR themselves. Each podcast has additional materials available on our website to support our listeners with achieving their business goals!

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The topics we’ve covered so far include:

  • What is PR/comms?
  • How to set your strategy
  • How to pick your agency partner
  • What is media relations?
  • How to master copywriting
  • Maximising social media and owned channels
  • How to work with influencers
  • How to measure PR /comms
  • What is crisis comms?
  • What is internal comms?

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But this is just the start, please let us know what other areas you want us to cover! Drop us an email on or pop us a message on any of our social channels, we’d love to hear from you!

Each episode is stand-alone so you don’t need to listen in sequence, just pick the topics that matter most to you!

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We’ve really put our heart and soul into creating the Revitalise & Grow podcast that will be your friendly audio companion to mastering your own PR and we can’t wait to share it with you soon, so watch this space!

As part of our new podcast offering, we’re pleased to be offering a complete beginner’s podcast training course, which will take you right the way from concept to recording your very first episode! The in-depth course is delivered across two half-day sessions by esteemed podcaster Russ Haworth of Family Business Podcast. Russ has learnt all there is to know about podcasting by building and developing his own. He now has a truly global audience, is 5* rated on Apple Podcasts and has achieved thousands and thousands of downloads. If you are interested in finding out more about our podcast training, please email

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If you want to find out more about podcasting in general, check out our blogs How Brands Can Use Podcasts and The Power Of Podcasts.