How AI is Reshaping the PR Landscape

As technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, PR professionals find themselves at the forefront of a seismic shift, where AI-driven tools and algorithms are revolutionising the way communication strategies are crafted, executed, and measured. We're delving into the ways AI is reshaping PR, exploring the opportunities it presents, the challenges it poses, and the new frontiers it opens...

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How to use the OASIS planning model

The government’s OASIS planning model is an effective tool used for shaping all types of communications and campaigns, ensuring they are carefully planned, efficient and effectively evaluated as required.

We reviewed the five steps of the model in this blog and here we’ll discuss how you can put them to use within your own marketing campaigns. Or, you can check out this episode of our Revitalise & Grow podcast where we talk through each of the steps of the OASIS planning model and how to put it in to practice.

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Why you should undertake market research

Conducting market research is an effective way for companies to obtain a realistic overview of their marketplace and helps you to make informed decisions about how to move your business forward.

You should consider what you want the outcome of your survey to be, or what sort of information you’d like from your survey, as this will help shape your research. It will give you an idea of what questions to ask, who you should be asking and most importantly, why you are doing the research.

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OASIS planning model

We joined a small group of marketing and communications professionals at HM Land Registry in Plymouth to learn about the Government Communication Service’s OASIS planning model and hear about some exciting local campaigns who have used the model successfully.

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Measuring the effectiveness of your PR activity

One topic that is always hot on the PR industry agenda is how to tackle the evaluation and measurement of PR campaigns. The PR industry has moved at a rapid pace over the past decade and with this has come a significant shift in the ways PR professionals are asked to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work. Now, any good PR pro will be measuring the effect on outcomes rather than the measurement of outputs, with the PR objectives aligned to an organisation’s main business goals.

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