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Mastering media relations

It is no question that the media is an important force of influence, persuasion, and reputation for individuals and businesses. The media has considerable power over our ideas and opinions, so it is nothing short of vital to master media relationships professionally and purposefully for your brand.

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Tips on hosting a virtual press event

Whilst there will always be a place for in-person press events, many brands are turning to virtual press launches to communicate their messages to the media. And it's no surprise - a virtual event allows journalists and attendees from locations all around the world to take part without the constraints of travel. Add in cost-effectiveness, flexibility, environmental considerations and data analytics to gather valuable insights, and it's clear why virtual press events are the perfect strategic choice for marketing managers.

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Ethics in PR

How ethics in PR has changed

When you think of ethical industries, public relations might not be among the first that spring to mind. Spin doctors blurring the lines between truth and marketing haven’t done many favours for the public’s perception of PR. However, PR has changed greatly in the last few decades and perhaps it doesn’t quite deserve the bad rap it still holds.

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Honesty & Integrity in PR

Why honesty and integrity are essential in PR

Public Relations (PR) has, at times, come under criticism for the value and credibility of its communication outputs. From widespread issues of ‘fake news’ in the media to one-off client overpromises – here we take a look at why it’s so important to act with integrity when working in PR.

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How to prepare for a media interview

How to prepare for a media interview

Taking part in a media interview is your chance to create an impression, add something new and memorable to the topic being discussed and position yourself as a thought leader to elevate your brand. But this is only possible with considered preparation. Read on for our guide on how to best prepare for any media interview ...

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