Computer screen with lots of people in a virtual meeting

Tips on hosting a virtual press event

Whilst there will always be a place for in-person press events, many brands are turning to virtual press launches to communicate their messages to the media. And it's no surprise - a virtual event allows journalists and attendees from locations all around the world to take part without the constraints of travel. Add in cost-effectiveness, flexibility, environmental considerations and data analytics to gather valuable insights, and it's clear why virtual press events are the perfect strategic choice for marketing managers.

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How to maximise your product launch at trade events

Trade shows are a great way to introduce and showcase a new product or service to your target audience. Keep reading for our top tips for making your trade exhibition product launch unmissable! You can also check out our Revitalise & Grow podcast episode on creating a trade show marketing strategy, for even more on how to maximise product launches and trade events!

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