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On a mission to make PR and marketing support accessible to all businesses

What a year 2020 has been! However, with the easing of lockdown restrictions, children returning to school and the imminent change of season there is a general feeling that we’re all at the start of a new beginning. Uncertainty remains about what the coming months will bring, but there is no doubt that the time has come to rebuild, to ‘keep calm and carry on’.

A lot of businesses have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure they are fit for the new normal and can continue providing products or services to suit their customers’ changing needs.

The absence of exhibitions, conferences and networking events has left many companies with a significant gap to generate brand awareness, forge meaningful relationships and increase sales.

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With no clarity about when or if social gatherings will ever return to their pre-Covid status, there is an urgent requirement for companies to find alternative methods to market themselves and their respective businesses.

It can be argued that the power of communication has never been more important. It will be a critical factor to the recovery and future success of many businesses.

Communication is integral to everything we say and everything we do. It is the glue that binds every element of a business together. Knowing how to communicate well is a skill, and, like anything in life, it takes time, training and experience to acquire.

Good communication is also the ultimate problem solver for the day to day challenges businesses face – from managing remote teams, providing exceptional customer service and increasing sales to building brand awareness, gaining customer loyalty and knowing how to protect a business from the impact of future disruption.

It’s a fact that when done correctly, PR is incredibly powerful, acting as an essential growth tool for most companies, irrelevant of their industry or size.

But what does this mean for smaller companies who don’t have the expertise or resource available to prioritise their communication efforts?

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As someone who is passionate about growing businesses through the power of great communication, it has been a long-held frustration of mine that communication support isn’t seen as something that’s accessible to small businesses.

I have also been part of the problem. Like the majority of communication agencies, we work with a wide range of different sized companies in a variety of different sectors.  But I have also met fascinating businesses that would benefit from our support, but haven’t been able to afford the associated cost, time and commitment involved.

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As a small business owner myself, I am often frustrated by the cost of accessing external support. I understand that investment shouldn’t ever be a long term cost to a business, but there’s no escaping the short term issue of cash flow!

Small businesses make up over 90% of companies in the UK. They matter and their success is critical to the strength of our economy. It should be a given that they can gain access to expert advice and support in any area of their business that requires it.

At ADPR, we are on a mission to ensure that every business from start-ups through to SMEs and blue-chip corporations can benefit from our knowledge and support. We don’t want to be part of the problem. We want to be part of the solution that turns good businesses into great ones!

In response to our new mission we have spent lockdown developing a range of six affordable e-commerce products carefully crafted by us to meet the communication needs of any small business.

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Each product can be purchased for a one-off cost with no time commitment or contract to be signed. You will have direct access to an expert consultant who will listen to your challenges before providing you with heaps of advice. You will receive bespoke plans to either implement yourself or with our support if needed.

And it doesn’t stop there. We are committed to championing the benefits that good communication brings to business and have spent many hours creating a suite of completely free resources. Our guides have been designed to address all areas of communication and will walk you through everything you need to know to get started. To be the first to know when we add new (and free!) resources, sign up to receive our weekly emails here.

If you fall into the 57% of companies who know they could do with marketing support, but have no idea where to start, we are also launching our free Revitalise & Grow sessions. Accessible to all businesses, Revitalise & Grow offers one-to-one time with one of our expert consultants, followed by an email with some bespoke advice and recommendations for your business.

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If the pandemic has taught me anything, it is that we all need to be kinder and a little more prepared to help and support others for the right reason. This applies just as much in business as it does in our personal lives. The more we work together to share knowledge and expertise when it matters, the stronger we will stand.

As PR experts, we want to give you all the tools you need to find the best PR agency for your business needs. If you need PR support but aren’t sure where to start, download our PR Buyer’s Guide to identify what to look for and expect! We want you to make the right choice for your business’ success!

You have created a product or service that your customers want or need. That is an amazing achievement. How often do you take the time to step back from the day to day to focus on the bigger picture within your business? With just a few small tweaks your company could be even more successful than it already is.

We have created the Revitalise and Grow sessions to do just that! And they’re absolutely free. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed and we know that communications is a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals.