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Social media for B2B brands

For some B2B brands, social media can still be seen as a secondary thought. That said, those who do take time to implement a strong social media strategy see the benefit of engaging with their customers via social media very quickly.

If you are struggling to see how your company’s product or service can really shine on social media, it’s time to get creative. Looking at wider, relevant topics surrounding the product or service can often throw up some more interesting angles, which can help lead to increased social media engagement, as can making your customers the heroes of your social media! For more tips on social media, check out our most recent podcast, How to win at Instagram Lives.

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When developing a social media strategy, B2B brands should develop an angle that is appealing to a broader audience, focusing on how you solve your customers’ problems and how your customers use your product to make their life better. Centering on your customers makes your content more relatable and interesting to your niche audience.

A drawback for B2B brands to overcome is often the lack of a human interest angle. It is essential for B2B brands to humanise stories and it is easy to do this by following these steps:

  • Make your customers your brand heroes!
  • Use first person voice when writing posts and updates
  • Have an identifiable person post on social media on behalf of the company, literally being the face of the brand
  • Initiate engagement and outreach from a real person

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People talk to people, so if you adopt the above approach to social media, engagement for your B2B brand will steadily grow.

Another tool that can help boost B2B engagement, website traffic and Google rankings, is blogging. Blogs offer companies an easy way to have frequently updated, fresh content – the perfect way to keep enriching your website with new, keyword dense content. B2B companies who blog are able to increase awareness, credibility, and leads – all while linking marketing efforts back to business goals. Fresh and relevant content is an important way to boost your natural (free!) search engine rankings as search engines are constantly looking for proof that you are active and worthy of a high ranked page position, so updating your website with new content can help ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.

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For more tips and advice on B2B social media, check out our guide to TikTok for businesses and our 8 top tips for creating a successful social media strategy. You’ll also love our FREE and easy to use Social Media Content Planner, which makes planning your content a breeze.