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The latest social media updates

The ADPR team recently attended Taunton based, Introtweet’s ‘Tweet Over Coffee’ event. The online workshop covered the latest social media news and tips to optimise in your business.

There is no doubt that social media should be a vital component in your business’s overall marketing efforts. To jumpstart your social media presence, there are three fundamental social media mantras to keep in mind.

  1. Perform social media correctly and consistently, or not at all!
  2. Don’t feel like you need to be everywhere on all platforms, direct your posting appropriately to your audience.
  3. Engage to get engagement. Don’t just post aimlessly – engage with similar business and your audience.

Social media platforms are frequently adapting their algorithms and tactics to make them easier and more attractive for businesses and consumers to use. We have pinpointed the key social media updates to look out for from the four most popular platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.


Facebook have announced a ‘Live Producer’ development to advance the ‘Facebook Live’ feature. Due to the increase in virtual events thanks to so many people working remotely , businesses now have the ability to produce live videos with a graphic overlay, such as watermarking a live video, helping to increase the professionalism of a brand’s live videos. We also have some top tips to shine and be the real you on camera, if you are thinking of developing your live video presentation skills!

Sharing content of other pages has always been a winning strategy for a business’s social media content plans. However, Facebook has now quantified how far shared content can reach, and actually owned content in now more likely to perform better! Owned personal primary content is performing better than sharing secondary content, so it may be time to re-evaluate your social media strategy if all you are doing is sharing other people’s content.

Online shopping has risen dramatically since the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, Facebook is now offering a ‘Shopping’ custom audience within ads. You can upload an email list and contacts to help improve your e-commerce prospects. This is an attempt for paid advertising to perform better by allowing you to direct your customer base directly to product pages.

Similarly, social selling is going to be implemented through the Facebook shops function for one click buying within Facebook. A business can now post their products and services for consumers to follow their page and buy within the Facebook app rather than get re-directed to a business website. This is a big step for many SMEs: when new potential customers visit your page, they are more likely to see your products if it doesn’t re-direct to outside sources.

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Do you share a lot of articles? Retweeting a large amount of content aimlessly is causing a problem in the spread of ‘fake news’ and misinformation. Twitter has warned that they will start banning serial retweeters and will warn you if they feel you are posting excessively without properly reading the content.

Audio Tweets have arrived! Accessibility is being taken more seriously and this could make a big difference in the types of content shared on Twitter. It gives people the opportunity to create video-like content without actually having to video yourself, perfect for those of you that are camera shy!

‘Discover Lists’ is being rolled out, this means you can organise the people you follow into different categories e.g. business, clients, co-workers. This aims to cut out the white noise in your newsfeed, making it easier to find content that suits your  interests. You can also follow general lists to make it easier to grow communities and the tweets posted in relation to these topics.

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Instagram Adverts are now independent of Facebook, meaning you are able to advertise solely on Instagram!

Instagram to overtake Twitter as a news source? Instagram is becoming a more popular source of  news, due to the huge growth of the platform in general.

There is also an exciting new addition of a shopping tab! Social selling is going to be implemented, with the ability to click on the product and purchase it from a business’s Instagram page.

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You may have noticed LinkedIn now has a support reaction (open hands with a heart), aimed to connect with other businesses and professionals, to easily show your support to one another at a scary time. You can now also celebrate an occasion on LinkedIn, this could be a new member of staff in your business, a promotion of your personal LinkedIn page or a business achievement!

There are new limits on inviting connections. There is now a 100-person limit (on a monthly basis) to connect and engage with, this is to stop others from blankly sending out meaningless connections.

Live features and events are now available on LinkedIn, these can be optimised by businesses for getting across important messages, updates or holding interviews and Q&As. If you are thinking of hosting a virtual event, we have some recent tips from Digital Taunton on how to host a successful virtual event!

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We hope you enjoyed reading about these new social media updates, if you are after something similar, check out our blog here on how to build your personal brand on LinkedIn!

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