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Our top 10 tips for getting the most out of exhibitions using social media

With boot Düsseldorf starting this weekend, closely followed by ISPO Munich, we thought it was time for a refresher on ADPR’s top tips for using social media to boost your exhibition presence!

1. Know what you want to achieve

Decide before the show what success on social media looks like for your business specifically in regard to the show. Do you want to attract new customers? Do you want to use it to reach out to your existing customers? Once you know what you want to achieve, work out in advance broadly what you want to post and when. Get as much content prepared and scheduled in advance to get you off on the right foot when you hit the busy show!

2. Follow the show organiser’s and the official hashtags

Get a list of the show’s associated hashtags and start following the show’s official channels if you aren’t already. Every show will be using a hashtag or two to promote the event. If you keep an eye on what’s being posted then you will be some of the first to know about exciting happenings at the show! Following the hashtags and the organisers also means you will get to join in the pre-show buzz, and you might even spot some potential business opportunities!

3. Content, content, content

The key to making social media work hard for you is to produce content that your target market wants to engage with. Use the show to help with this! Post images and videos of your new products launching at the show, make your show’s events come to life on social through Facebook Live or Instagram Stories, host video interviews with well-known faces on your stand and share fun behind the scenes content!

4. Get in touch with industry journalists

Twitter is still the best platform for reaching out to journalists. Invite key journalists to your stand or press event and tell them a little about what you’ve got exhibiting and why you’re there (tricky but not impossible in 280 characters!)

5. Host competitions

Ask attendees to share a photo of your stand using the show hashtag and your social media handle to be in with the chance of winning. Not only does this provide an extra layer of publicity at the show but also encourages other visitors to come by your stand and helps build a list of attendees to follow up with after the event

6. Post about your daily activity

Post details of what you’re up to during the show – name checking any journalists, industry bigwigs or customers who’ve visited the stand. Take and share photos of what’s happening on social media and why not live stream from your stand – bring the exhibition to those who can’t be there! Don’t forget to also retweet/re-post any activity where you’re mentioned!

7. Get social

If you have a brand ambassador at the show then hold a happy hour or meet and greet on the stand, inviting your customers, visitors and journalists along. Take pictures to post on Facebook, share on your Instagram grid or Stories, or live stream on Facebook Live or IG TV.

8. Virtual follow ups

After the show, follow up with all the business contacts you met at the show via LinkedIn. Ask if they got everything they needed from the meeting or if there’s an opportunity to set up another face to face meeting in the near future.

9. Say ‘thank you’

Once the exhibition has ended say ‘thank you’ to the organising team, using the show’s hashtag and handles to ensure you get the most from the post-show activity. This works especially well if you have a great deal or story coming out as a result of relationships made at the show!

10. Write a blog post

Include any post show quotes and point all your new connections to it via your social media channels. Inform your readers of where you’re headed next and thank those for making the time to stop by your exhibition stand and say hello!

Hopefully these tips on using social media for exhibitions have been useful. If you’re looking for more ideas to promote your business, take a look at our blog on the ultimate guide to travel PR or find out more about our approach to social media management.

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