Ask Five: Steve Bell, Creative Director at Zavial

  • What is Fakery and how can people use the service?

Fakery is a CGI and motion graphics studio producing 3D animated videos and stills for brands and businesses around the world. We create static and animated films to showcase their products and engage with their target consumers. Our new service enables companies to create incredible marketing campaigns and visuals, without the need for time and budget consuming photo shoots and style edits; hence the name Fakery – everything we do is fake, but with real results.

  • How was Fakery established?

We have a sister graphic design and branding agency called Zavial that Steve set up 15 years ago.  For 5 years now, we have offered 3D as a service within Zavial and saw a real interest and need for this sort of design. The offering became really popular with our existing client base and so we formed Fakery to cater for the developing thirst for CGI – and we haven’t looked back.

  • What are the advantages of Computer Generated Imagery over traditional photography?

There’s a myriad of advantages to CGI – in all facets of a company’s needs. You get far greater flexibility over traditional photography, for instance. Once we have built the model of your product, we can render out infinite number of high resolution images at any size. We can then create animated sequences to explain the features and functionality of your product, including placing it into an environment that would cost thousands of pounds to do using traditional photography.

Another benefit is that we can help a brand or business market new products before they’ve even gone into production, providing high quality images, which they can use in advertising campaigns and across all their marketing channels.

In terms of making things easier time and budget wise, there is no pressure to achieve everything at once, like you have to do in a single studio photography session. We can create a product, set up a studio and produce test shots for the client to review, make adjustments then re-shoot repeatedly until they’re completely happy.

  • How do you think the digital landscape will continue to change over the next few years?

The constant bombardment of digital content means businesses will need to be more creative and clever with their marketing output and campaigns to help them differentiate from their competitors and capture the attention of their audience.

Animation and motion graphics are perfect to help brands stand out on social channels like Instagram. You’ll see successful businesses becoming increasingly courageous with their creative output as they embrace a more design led approach to their marketing.

  • What has been one of your favourite projects to work on?

Recently, we created a video for one of our clients, Clarks Originals, for their collaboration with Marvel for the film Black Panther. We knew this was going to be huge from the outset, and we commissioned Emmy award winning sound designer, Ashley Bates to produce the sound for the piece we were to create.

The project was top secret, which made it even more exciting to work on, and the final piece had an incredible impact for the client, resulting in Marvel pulling a previously proposed trailer and showing our video instead at the European premiere of the film in London.

This had been one of the most successful social marketing campaigns for Clarks Originals to date, and to know that our work had been appreciated this much by both our client and Marvel was most definitely a big moment for us at Fakery.