Employee spotlight – Poppy Midgley

  • What is your job title at ADPR? PR Intern
  • What does that involve? Contributing to social media management of ADPR and some client channels, pitching, content writing, issuing press releases, daily communication with journalists, checking for coverage, event organising and co-ordinating samples.
  • How long have you worked for the company? 4 months
  • Which clients do you work for? I don’t have set accounts that I work on so I’m able to dabble with most of them… but mainly Helly Hansen, Clarks Village, WesCom, Shakespeare and Wookey Hole.
  • What do you love the most about working in PR? That it involves a mix of creativity and logic in almost all aspects.
  • What’s your favourite newspaper/blog and why? Hypebae –  Maybe not strictly a blog but it is a women’s contemporary fashion and streetwear platform. Why? Because it feeds my obsession for fresh and relevant streetwear fashion looks and trends.
  • Three career lessons you’ve learned so far? Don’t see it as a failure, see it as a lesson. You can’t grow inside your comfort zone.  You set your own limitations.
  • What was the last thing you listened to on your phone?  Candy shop, 50 Cent…
  • Most recommended Netflix series and why? Well, I actually watch this on Amazon Prime *gasps* but Ugly Betty. It’s uplifting and occasionally relatable…
  • What’s your favourite indoor/outdoor activity? Outdoor? Shopping. Indoor? Online shopping 😊