Employee spotlight with Kira Daly

  • What is your job title at ADPR? PR Apprentice
  • What does that involve? I work on a number of client accounts within ADPR and my main responsibilities include press office functions such as liaising with the media on behalf of my clients. I pitch stories and angles to the media to secure pieces of coverage and to generate promotional opportunities for clients which meet their business goals. I also showcase all of our hard work through creating client reports. My role involves me working very closely with the ADPR team to deliver the highest quality PR work, as well as developing ADPR’s own marketing such as website and social channel content. I also study alongside my normal working hours at ADPR for a foundation degree diploma in PR & Communications through the PRCA!
  • How long have you worked for the company? I am quite a new addition team as I have only been at ADPR for four months, but I have loved every second!
  • Which clients do you work for? I am lucky enough to work on: Helly Hansen, Daniamant, Fairline Yachts, Glasses Direct, Inspire, Hydro International, boatfolk, Shakespeare Marine, WesCom and Wookey Hole.
  • What do you love the most about working in PR? The ADPR team are absolutely amazing, I feel very lucky everyday to work with such kind, intelligent and driven colleagues. I love all of the fundamental elements of PR, the creativity, writing and communication. The clients are also such a pleasure to work with and I am enjoying building relationships with the client teams. I also love getting to know the media! There is never a moment of the day I am not speaking with somebody, and being very sociable, I really love it!
  • Tell us something most people don’t know about you? I can drink cups of tea like they’re water😉
  • Three words best used to describe you? Positive, compassionate and hardworking.
  • Three career lessons you’ve learned so far? 1) If you look forward to getting up every day to work, you are probably in the right job! 2) A team is a reflection of their leadership. 3) Practise really does make perfect (or at least progress), never ever give up!
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? I am very family orientated so I spend a lot of my free time with my family. I also really love socialising, so on the weekends you can often find me meeting up with my friends for the evening!
  • What is your biggest achievement to date? A combination of my educational achievements so far and landing my dream job (the role at ADPR of course!)
  • What’s your favourite indoor/outdoor activity? Yoga and dance for exercise are a must, I have been highly involved with both for years – it is a great way to get fit and have fun! I also am very passionate about art, charcoal drawing in particular.