Leading Audio Manufacturer Announces Powerful Plug and Play Solution with Bluetooth Streaming

Auckland, New Zealand – FUSION®, a worldwide leader in marine audio entertainment, announced today the release of its plug and play one solution marine entertainment system – the Panel-Stereo. Purpose-built for performance in both the RV and marine environment, the Panel-Stereo is an ultimate all-in-one audio entertainment solution. Combining all the elements required for excellent audio reproduction – Class D amplification, Fusion Digital Signal Processing (DSP), dual 3-inch speakers, a passive base radiator all inside a single tuned enclosure. Offering AM/FM, USB, AUX and Bluetooth streaming source options, the freedom of control via the Free Fusion-Link App, exceptional sound reproduction from a single product and flexible installation options, FUSION Entertainment has created another incredible audio solution.

“Quality audio entertainment has always suffered at the cost of the power and space constraints,” said Chris Baird, Managing Director of FUSION Entertainment. “With the release of our Panel-Stereo, we are giving boaters a powerful and durable audio entertainment system, packed into a compact form factor for easy installation, and freeing them from the constraints of traditional stereo systems.”

Panel-Stereo allows boaters to enjoy the flexibility of audio control from anywhere on a vessel via Bluetooth from compatible Apple or Android devices running the free FUSION-Link™ app. Users can also enable stereo control from a compatible Garmin watch via ANT™ Technology, providing the freedom to choose how and where to control audio entertainment on board. Audio control is also possible directly from the front face of the Panel-Stereo, using audible feedback, to guide the user through changing stations, music sources and saving pre-sets. Multi-language voice prompts include English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish settings.

Offering three mounting options to suit the requirements of any installation, the Panel-Stereo is a seriously versatile product. Designed for surface mounting with the optional 43mm surface mounting spacer, Panel-Stereo can be installed directly onto any flat surface with no mounting cut-out required. Minimal depth also makes it ideal for installation in shallow wall cavities, with only a single cut-out, where standard speakers will not fit. Both flush and flat options are available for a premium finish.

FUSION’s Digital Signal Processing (DSP) optimizes audio to produce a technically superior listening experience. The stereo’s two 3-inch speakers and large-surface bass radiator inside the perfectly tuned enclosure, consistently deliver efficient Hi-Fi audio reproduction with an incredibly smooth frequency response.

Requiring only 12V DC power, ground and AM/FM connections, the Panel-Stereo is designed for quick and easy setup to provide a true plug-and-play audio entertainment solution. The Panel-Stereo meets the international standards IP65 water and dust resistance rating, ensuring peace of mind for any installation.

FUSION, the leader in lifestyle entertainment, is dedicated to offering innovative solutions that enhance personal leisure time, whether on the water or on the road. FUSION, owned by GARMIN, builds products that exceed regulatory standards using the latest technologies at GARMIN’s international ISO accredited manufacturing facility.

For more information on the FUSION Panel-Stereo, FUSION or its entire line of audio products, visit www.fusionentertainment.com.