global PR 21.06.2018

Working with brands on a global scale

Working with brands all around the world is a privilege and one that’s led many of the ADPR team on interesting and exotic work trips. We love working with our clients and getting access to working with central teams, or teams located in our clients’ offices around the world, gives us the opportunity to deepen our brand knowledge and explore best practices.

On a regular basis, the ADPR Helly Hansen account team is invited to join the brand’s global marketing team, regional marketing managers and eleven other PR agencies from around the world. We meet to discuss past seasons, share great successes and best practice across the regions, discuss challenges and how they can be overcome and plan for upcoming seasons. It’s a brilliant opportunity for us to find out how the other agencies work, better understand their media landscape, what tactics they use to achieve great results and some of the challenges they are faced with.

This in-depth session is always really interesting and helpful for the team. It provides us with insights we might not get otherwise. We’ve also found that some elements that work for us in the UK, may not be so successful in another country, or alternatively, might be super successful for the Norwegian team, but not so successful for the American team. This can be for any number of reasons, but could include:

  • The regional media landscape is different/don’t respond as well to the tactic
  • The region might not have access to the same/similar resource
  • The budget might not be available in a specific region

So, armed with our own in-depth knowledge and experience of working with the brand, we can all realistically evaluate the global approaches and methods, and develop them for our own specific region(s) to plan effectively for upcoming seasons.

Even when landing on one specific campaign idea that everyone loves and thinks will be a success in their country, it is important to tailor the exact campaign elements to meet the needs, demands and expectations of our own region. For example, this might be a timing change, the media we’re contacting, precise wording used in communication materials – including news releases, features or images – or the actual method of liaising with the media.

We’re experienced in working with brands, media and partners from all around the world and know that a “one size fits all” approach simply does not work. This makes it even more important to know our audience and our brands inside out, and work closely with the client’s in-house teams to plan effectively each season. It also highlights the importance of evaluating previous seasons’ activity and provide detailed feedback to the client, to ensure that each season we deliver an even better campaign.

For more information about working together, please get in touch with Sophie Foyle: or call +44 (0)1460 241641.