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Digital body language

What is digital body language?

Building trust and connection behind the screen

We’re back with the first episode of the Revitalise & Grow podcast for 2024! And this week we’re diving into the world of emojis, virtual nods and the unspoken vibes that make up our online interactions – also known as digital body language.

With the world embracing hybrid work models, it’s no surprise that digital communication has increased significantly, but even behind the screens, building trust and connection is still the name of the game. Digital body language is more than just the words we type, it’s the subtle cues and the art of creating human connections across the digital realm.

So whether you’re juggling global collaborations, or hanging out in virtual meetings, listen now to find out what your digital body language is saying about you!


Here’s the link if you’d like to read, ‘Digital Body Language: How to build trust and connection, No matter the distance’ or take the digital body language quiz:

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