Communications agency ADPR offers free consultancy service during COVID-19

Somerset communications agency, ADPR, announces it will be offering all businesses free crisis planning support around Covid-19.

ADPR is offering all businesses affected by the virus a free 15-minute consultation and follow up email with advice on how to manage crisis communications surrounding Covid-19, with no required commitment to continue using the firm’s service.

Managing Director at ADPR, Kate O’Sullivan, says, “At such an uncertain time, it’s more important than ever to support our business community. Here at ADPR we believe that collaboration and kindness goes a long way, especially in times of need. Most businesses will be facing economic challenges over the coming weeks, but what we all have is experience and knowledge we can share with others. Right now your communication strategy will be more important than ever and we want to help.”

ADPR will provide guidance for businesses on a variety of topics such as how to communicate effectively in times of crisis to both internal and external audiences, keeping your brand visible when your business is forced into temporary shutdown, and how to cut through the media hype to communicate accurate information and advice.

ADPR will then follow up via email with some practical tips and advice tailored to each individual business and provide informative guides about how to navigate your company through the crisis using the power of communication.

To book your free consultation or to find out more, please email hello@adpr.co.uk.