Balpha Mast and Barton Marine innovative new rigging programme showcased at TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show

Visitors to this year’s TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show, can see the new Barton Marine rigging programme of the Balpha Mast in action. Balpha Mast is a foldable mast system for yachts, which allows for easy lowering and raising of masts.

Working together, Balpha Mast and Barton Marine have made technical improvements and advancements that refine the core apparatus.

The carbon fibre mast system has been granted UK and US patents and the Balpha Mast design is proving to be of global interest for those needing to lower and raise their mast for low bridges or for transporting boats on trailers.

The new rigging programme allows the Balpha Mast to be lowered and raised during cruising easily and safely and employs the use of a Boomstrut to hold the boom safely in place.

Suzanne Blaustone, CEO, comments, “Our technical plan was to create the most simple and user-friendly rigging program so that virtually anyone can swiftly lower and raise the mast to make sailing more of a joy for those restricted by bridges or transporting their sailing craft by trailer. We are proud that we accomplished this using Barton Marine equipment, including our new Barton Block Range, Boomstrut and deck gear to enhance the Balpha Mast design.”

Stuart Balfour, Inventor & Managing Director of Balpha Mast states, “Our new technical partnership with Barton Marine will accelerate Balpha Mast in global sales and production. Barton Marine’s quality deck hardware and vast experience can provide the optimum package for our unique foldable mast system and we look forward to building on this relationship.”

Hardware has been specified by Barton Marine for the complete rigging system, allowing the Balpha Mast to be installed on multiple size yachts up to 8.5 meters. Key to the Balpha Mast program is the stainless-steel Mast Housing which can be adapted for use with the Barton Boomstrut which controls the boom under sail.

Stuart is keen to show off the capabilities of the Balpha Mast, and it will be on display at TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show, assisted by Simon Reynolds, Sales and Business Development Manager at Barton Marine. Docked at M266.

For more information about Balpha Mast and its products, please visit: www.balphamast.com

For more information about Barton Marine and its products, please visit: www.bartonmarine.com.