Benjamin Hopkins announced as aftersales manager at Neander Motors

German outboard manufacturer, Neander Motors, formerly known as Neander Shark, has announced its new Aftersales Manager, Benjamin Hopkins. With more than seven years of aftersales experience in the marine motor space, Ben will play a pivotal role in making Neander’s aftersales service as premium as its engines.  


Ben completed his Masters of Mechanics in 2014, and after a year at Jaguar Land Rover, he joined the Suzuki team as their Aftersales Manager in 2015. In 2018 he moved to Mercury Marine, responsible for quality management and control.  


When approached by Neander in 2021, he was excited by the prospect of working with a premium engine that had more potential to deliver. Neander’s environmental focus was also a big appeal, something that he sees is important for the industry to improve upon. Ben believes that as Neander has a quality product newly positioned at a competitive price, the service customers receive after purchase should also be premium, if not the best on the market.  


Since joining the team, Ben has only become more excited about his future with the company. By working closely with customers, global distributors and the Neander engineering team, he is able to incorporate feedback into Neander’s global strategy, making immediate and impactful improvements.  


Benjamin Hopkins comments, “From my brief time working at Neander, I can already see that we are working with an incredible product, the Dtorque 50. While previously a large part of the aftersales role has been dealing with complaints about dysfunctional engines, at Neander all the engines sold are still up and running in busy commercial environments. These engines are already proving to be extremely reliable and with proper servicing will continue to do so. This means that we aren’t fixing issues, only making the engine even better.” 


Joel Reid, Global Sales Director at Neander, comments, “It’s fantastic having Benjamin join the Neander team. He’s already got to work getting our aftersales functionality to a point where it best serves our customers. We look forward to seeing what we can achieve together as we approach some ambitious plans for the next year.”