boatpoint becomes exclusive UK dealer for Scandinavian boat builder RYDS

Introducing Sweden’s best kept secret and its cutting-edge Nordic designs to the UK market.

The UK’s leading boat sales company, boatpoint, announces a new and exclusive partnership with Ryds, a distinguished Scandinavian boat builder renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovation.

In Sweden, a nation where boating is an enduring national pastime, Ryds is a household name, deeply ingrained in the boating community. With a legacy spanning over fifty years, Ryds has remained a beacon of innovation in the leisure power boat industry. Since its inception in 1946, Ryds has prioritised quality, safety, and functionality, setting new benchmarks that have stood the test of time.

Combining a rich heritage of traditional boat craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing processes, Ryds consistently delivers boats with unparalleled durability and energy efficiency. Its unique vacuum-infused hull process method not only results in a stronger and lighter vessel, but also significantly reduces waste and material usage. These eco-friendly practices align with the growing demand for environmentally conscious boating solutions, while the increased fuel efficiency of Ryds boats further contributes to a greener marine experience.

The partnership will see boatpoint introducing six distinctive models to the UK market, each ranging between four and eight metres, including the 484VI, 490VI Sport, 550VI Sport, 550VI Mid C, 630VI Mid C, 650VI DC, 650VI BR, 735VI Outboard, and finally 735VI Inboard with Volvo Penta. This diverse range ensures that every boating enthusiast can find the perfect vessel to suit their preferences, be it for fishing, water sports, family outings, leisurely rides, excursions, or overnight stays.

Phil Jones, Group New Boat Sales Manager for boatpoint, expresses his enthusiasm for this partnership, “Ryds is not just a boat manufacturer, it’s a symbol of Swedish boating heritage, a name that resonates with enthusiasts who seek quality, efficient, and sustainable leisure power boating. The introduction of these exceptional boats to the UK market is a momentous occasion for us. With a diverse array of options catering to various activities, our customers can look forward to experiencing boating in a whole new dimension.”

Thomas Landerberg, Sales Manager at Ryds, adds, “This partnership with boatpoint represents an extraordinary opportunity to bring our legacy of precision engineering and modern design to the discerning UK boating community. We are proud of the fact that all our boats are 100% made in Sweden and designed by Ted Mannerfelt, renowned for his work with Jaguar. We are thrilled to showcase our range of boats that seamlessly marry tradition with the latest advancements in marine technology, setting new benchmarks for performance and quality.”

An important facet of Ryds’ UK venture is the collaboration with Yamaha, a global leader in marine propulsion.

Jonny Twelvetrees, Marine Sales Manager at Yamaha, says, “We’re delighted that boatpoint will be representing Yamaha boat partner, Ryds, in the UK market. We whole heartedly support boatpoint in its quest to make boating more accessible for all, getting as many people out on the water as possible, and enjoying all the health and wellbeing benefits that comes with this. Powered by our mid and high power outboards, Ryds’ range of family sports boats is the perfect choice for those new to boating or looking to purchase for the first time. boatpoint is already achieving great things as the exclusive UK distributor for our award-winning boat partner, Quarken Boats, so we know that Ryds is in good hands.”

The much-anticipated UK debut of Ryds will take place at the 2023 Southampton International Boat Show, providing enthusiasts with a first-hand glimpse of these remarkable boats.

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