Avagio launches Helping Hand – a free IT support helpline to get people online during Covid-19 pandemic

Wiltshire based IT services company, Avagio, launches its Helping Hand service, a free hotline offering technical support and advice to help people stay in touch during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Standing by its company slogan, ‘Worry-Free IT’, Avagio wants to provide support to those most in need during these troubling and uncertain times.

Avagio’s Managing Director, Adam Morris, comments, “There are many elderly and vulnerable members of our society who may not be able to call on the technical expertise usually offered by their loved ones or carers. Similarly, some members of our families may be feeling isolated due to the social distancing rules in place, and we know that technology can help bridge that gap. Feeling confident using a computer or smartphone could make the difference between not being able to speak to friends or family for weeks.

“This is where we want to help. We have made our team of professional technicians available to help with any worry or query you might have in respect to your IT problems. Areas such as online shopping, using video communication, or staying safe online are all things we can help with.”

Avagio is already working with several regional charities including Wiltshire Age UK, Swindon Carers, Carer Support Wiltshire and Bath & North East Somerset Carer Centre to ensure its Helping Hands service reaches the people that need it, and the company is happy to support more charities who feel the Helping Hands service will be useful.

Additionally, the company is seeking volunteers to assist the Avagio team with staffing the helpline. These could be furloughed IT support staff, IT students or other IT skilled individuals.

Avagio’s Helping Hands service can be reached on: 01249 654871 or via email on: support@avagio.co.uk.