Daniamant showcases a range of innovative lifesaving equipment at METSTRADE

The product innovations on show include the brand’s Forward Looking Sonars, Lifejacket Lights, Electronic Visual Distress Signals, Electronic Inclinometers, and Liferaft, Lifeboat and Lifebuoy Lights – all highlighting Daniamant’s core mission of ensuring safety at sea, striving to design and manufacture the highest quality equipment for leisure and commercial sea-goers.

Forward Looking Sonar

When navigating unchartered waters or entering shallow harbours, it is important to be able to see the dangers ahead of your vessel before it is too late. In a voyage, it is vital to plan passages and have visibility ahead to ensure safety in poorly charted areas. There are moving shoals which defy the efforts of hydrographers and harbour buoyage.

Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) are designed for navigation in cases such as this and offer insurance for your vessel against unseen obstacles, making difficult anchorages less stressful. Unlike simple digital sounders which may show a depth that is 10 to 15 seconds out of date, and could easily be hundreds of meters behind you when moving at speed, Daniamant’s FLS 2D updates every 0.2 seconds to give real-time information. If you are moving, this gives you a far more accurate representation of what is beneath your boat as an obstruction will appear almost immediately on the screen, allowing you to react quickly to avoid a collision.

Lifejacket Lights

Daniamant offers lifejacket lights with lithium or alkaline batteries, designed with compatibility with all variations of life jackets in any size, thanks to its fit-for-purpose light clip design. The W3 Lifejacket Light has lithium-based technology with a 90-hour lifetime, well above the required 0.75cd light output. Daniamant’s W3 is able to work at extreme temperatures, whilst having a longer lifespan when activated.

Daniamant will also be showcasing its alkaline technology, W4 Lifejacket Light, which meets regulatory standards of SOLAS and the Marine Equipment Directive, giving customers the option to choose an alkaline light instead of a Lithium-based light. Recognising the issue of disposal of Lithium, as well as increasing transportation costs, Daniamant’s innovative product design allows sea goers to choose a lifejacket light depending on individual priorities of transport, disposal and performance. The alkaline technology has an impressive lifetime of 60 hours once activated and above the required 0.75cd.

Electronic Visual Distress Signals

Adding to the impressive roster at METSTRADE, Daniamant will also be showcasing its ODEO Strobe, a high-power white LED flashing light designed for use in emergency situations as a collision warning signal or to pinpoint the position of a vessel or individual in distress. Complimented by Daniamant’s ODEO Distress Flare, the next generation of Electronic Visual Distress Signal Device embraces LED technology as an alternative to traditional pyrotechnic flares, in which Daniamant has built on the ground-breaking ODEO Flare design to achieve the lifesaving, SOLAS regulating pyrotechnic.

Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, says, “We are delighted to present our range of technological advances and lifesaving products at METSTRADE 2022. We look forward to welcoming attendees back to our stand,  where our expert team will be on hand for product insight and demonstrations.”

Daniamant will also have a range of Lifejackets, Lifeboat and Lifebuoy Lights, and Electronic Inclinometers on display at METSTRADE, with experts on hand to provide information and demonstrations of the DANEI-300, RL7, SL-500, L90 and L160.

METSTRADE is the world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials, and systems, and brings together the industry’s finest brands, products, and professionals in one accessible hub in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This year, more than 3,000 exhibitors are expected to showcase their latest and most popular products to thousands of attendees.

For more information about Daniamant, please visit www.daniamant.com.

For more information about METSTRADE, please visit www.metstrade.com.