Daniamant launches Electronic Inclinometer following Tug Technology Conference for meeting crucial BV regulations

The Danish-based marine electronics company, Daniamant, is unveiling its electronic inclinometer, the DanEl-300T, specialised for Tugboats, following Tug Technology’s conference for meeting vital Bureau Veritas (BV) regulations.

With increasing industry regulations and efficiency optimisation requirements in the shipping and marine industry, safety in Tugboat operation is of the utmost importance. As escort tugboats are becoming even more powerful to meet bigger operational capabilities, this generates major concerns about the stability of tugs, increasing the risk of accidents. The innovative design provides the user with information for a better understanding of the ship‘s movement and steering behaviour, supervision of trim, cargo status, and stability status.


Daniamant’s innovative DanEl-300T is an electronic inclinometer, which aligns with the vital BV regulations, and meets specific safety classification rules for Tugboats, including the ‘NR467 Rules for the Classification of Steel Ships’*, ensuring that “escort tugs are to be equipped with a calibrated heeling angle measurement system (inclinometer)”. Daniamant’s DanEl-300T has been designed with an adjustable audible and visible alarm, providing a warning to the master when the heeling angle or steady towline force exceeds permissible values (loading conditions and escort speed).


With integrated Tugboat insights from Canadian high-performance Tugboat Naval Architects, Robert Allan Ltd, the self-calibrating system is positioned to the Tugboat’s centerline and automatically calculated to the DanEI-300T user interface. The design incorporates three zones with user- friendly adjustments in a ‘traffic light’ format:  green, amber, and red, which can be entered and adjusted via the keypad on the front of the display. This ensures both the master and crew can continuously see the heeling of the tug with a clear audible alarm sound to warn zone transitions, which is updated every 0.1 seconds in a one-degree display resolution. The data is collected in the display unit for the purpose that a maritime investigation authority receives detailed information on the sequence of events in the case of an accident.

The DanEI-300T has been designed specifically for Tugboats. Approved to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) performance standard and meeting BV regulations, the DanEI-300T is an advanced heel and pitch measuring device which is not sensitive to horizontal or vertical accelerations. In addition, the DanEI-300 measures, and records two other rotation parameters pitch and yaw, with the vessel’s three acceleration parameters measuring and recording heave, sway, and surge.


On rolling vessels, the usual bubble or pendulum inclinometers indicate values which are too high. This margin error can be up to 30% of the measured value. As the DanEI-300T will not be affected by these accelerations, it shows the true inclination and roll period. Furthermore, the DanEI-300T can contribute to the reduction of fuel consumption and improvement of safety and offers the easy-to-install “plug ’n’ play” concept by any member of the crew.


Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, says, “Keeping people safe while they navigate busy and commercial waterways is what drives us at Daniamant, and we continuously strive to create products that not only meet standards but exceed them. We are honoured to be launching the Tugboat development of our DanEI-300, the innovative DanEI-300T – showcasing new features specifically aligned with Tugboat regulations, following the well-renowned Tug Technology Conference.”


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