Daniamant launches innovative L90 lifebuoy light with new LED technology


Leading marine safety equipment manufacturer, Daniamant, announces the relaunch of its popular lifebuoy light, now featuring innovative LED technology – the L90 LED Lifebuoy Light.


Designed with the environment in mind, the new L90 LED Lifebuoy Light is Daniamant’s latest development, featuring a modern alkaline battery with LED technology. Proven to be safer for the environment and to comply with the new EU legislative directive preventing the import and export of mercury and mercury containing products, Daniamant’s innovation removes the need for mercury switch releases and can be freely imported and exported without restrictions within the EU.


The L90 LED light is a non-hazardous lifebuoy light alternative to mercury, providing benefits of safer disposal, without compromising on performance.


The light is designed for exceptional visibility, enhancing the chances of detection in any situation at sea. Constructed using robust materials and advanced sealing techniques, the lifebuoy light is highly durable and water resistant, with a lifespan of one year.  The L90 LED Lifebuoy Light retains its predecessor’s external construction, so customers can retrofit the lifebuoy light to existing brackets or fixings installed on vessels with ease.



Daniamant’s latest innovation sets a new industry benchmark, providing reliable efficiency and optimal performance, whilst ensuring enhanced safety for crew members and passengers. Exceeding SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) standards, the L90 LED Lifebuoy Light meets all the requirements outlined by the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) regulations, as well as adherence to MED (EU Marine Equipment Directive), USCG (United States Coast Guard) and TC (Technical Conservation) standards, providing full compliance to international safety conduct across the globe.


Recognising the importance of providing reliable safety solutions for maritime operations in these challenging environments, Daniamant has invested significant resources into research and development to create a lifebuoy light that exceeds industry standards.


Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant comments, “The expert team at Daniamant are proud to launch the sustainable development for our lifebuoy lights. Our commitment to the marine sector and to designing innovative solutions continues to deliver industry-leading standards for safety equipment at sea. The new L90 LED Lifebuoy Light exceeds international industry standards, to provide optimal performance and peace of mind for seagoers and workers.”


The new lifebuoy light will be available for commercial purchase from Q4 in 2023. For more information, pricing and distribution enquiries, please visit: www.daniamant.com or contact Daniamant’s sales department via: +45 47 37 38 00.


For more information about Daniamant and its full suite of products, please visit: www.daniamant.com.