Daniamant stocks EchoPilot’s new hoist system for FLS 3D Forward Looking Sonar system

Danish-based marine electronics company, Daniamant, has today announced it will offer the latest innovation from EchoPilot and C4R Aps – a compact hoist system, now available with Daniamant’s leading Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) technology, the FLS 3D.

Hoist systems – also referred to as deployment machine or hull unit – are the system mounted at the bottom of the ship’s hull. The new hoist system by EchoPilot has been designed in partnership with C4R Aps, to provide bearings and seals to prevent seawater from entering the ship, which can be lowered and raised through the hoist base. This makes it possible to mount underwater equipment such as transducers, into the water when in use and raising them to a safe place inside the ship for storing when not in use.


Hoist systems are mostly reserved for larger industrial vessels, but with the newly developed hoist system, private leisure motor yachts can now benefit from having a compact deployment system in place.

The new hoist system is available to purchase with Daniamant’s FLS 3D. Offering users a three-dimensional representation of the underwater seabed ahead of the boat, meaning the seabed terrain and potential hazards are shown in real time. The FLS 3D comes with twin transducers to ensure complete forward coverage, comprisable to any hull form. The view ahead is 60-degrees in the horizontal plane, and 90-degrees in the vertical plane, with the product’s forward range of up to 100metres depth.

The FLS 3D has the ground-breaking technology of real-time Forward Looking Sonar. The display updates every one second, updating the captain on the seabed terrain and potential hazards ahead. The vital Forward Looking Sonar technology provides improved depth to range ratio – the best of its kind and an industry-first – with an impressive 20x depth ratio, meaning users can see 100meters ahead with only five meters of water underneath the vessel.


Kevin Rough, CEO at Daniamant, says, “Providing market leading technologies to keep those using our commercial waterways safe at sea is at the heart of what Daniamant offers. We are not only consciously striving to manufacture products that meet industry standards, but to exceed them. We are delighted to announce we are now offering the industry’s most compact hoist system, now optionally supplied with Daniamant’s market leading FLS 3D.”


Daniamant is now offering the latest hoist system by EchoPilot, designed in partnership with C4R Aps, offered with the brand’s leading FLS 3D. It is currently available. Contact Daniamant for more information.


For more information about Daniamant, please visit www.daniamant.com.


For further details about the FLS 3D, please visit: https://daniamant.com/products/echopilot-fls3d/