Explore uncharted waters with Daniamant’s Forward Looking Sonars

The surrounding view whilst out on the water is often something to marvel at, but an even more important view to consider is the one under the boat – a view which is not easy to see. Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) can help to ensure the safety of a yacht and its guests by analysing the seabed under and ahead of the yacht, allowing you to plot a safe and efficient route.

The latest development of Daniamant’s 3D Forward Looking Sonar, the EchoPilot FLS 3D, is a collision avoidance system designed for yachts and superyachts in need of identifying any underwater dangers ahead of their vessel.

The EchoPilot FLS 3D uses two transducers that simultaneously transmit and receive 200KhZ frequencies across a 60 degree vertical range in order to scan the seabed below. The data received by the transducers is then sent to the transducer interface before being processed through a complex algorithm designed by a Bulgarian mathematics professor. Once the data processing is complete, it is sent to the visual processor in order to render a 3-dimensional image of the seabed below. This image can then be displayed on any display that has a video input.

Daniamant has invested in improving and upgrading the FLS 3D’s visual processor which used to update every two seconds. Now, the visual processor provides refreshed images of the seabed every second. Every second counts when navigating across uncharted seabeds and having a real-time image can make a considerable difference when on a collision course.

Additional developments to Daniamant’s EchoPilot FLS 3D include a newly designed smaller keypad for the system and the introduction of even higher quality cables and connectors. This keypad is now just 117mm tall by 77mm wide and has received upgrades to the quality of its buttons and connection to the visual processor, resulting in a more responsive and efficient user experience. Alongside the keypad overhaul, the cables and connectors throughout the system have been replaced with even higher quality counterparts to improve reliability and reduce the risk of any signal transmission issues. A new locking system for the cables ensures the system stays fully connected at all times.

The EchoPilot 3D FLS has a depth range of 100m and a forward range of 200m. The system boasts the highest depth ratio available in FLS technology at 20x – meaning captains and navigators can see 100m ahead of the yacht with only 5m of water underneath the boat. This, paired with the 60 degree forward view that the transducers generate, provides unparalleled visibility and reassurance for superyacht captains, crew and owners.

Daniamant will be exhibiting at both this year’s METSTRADE show in Amsterdam, on stand 01.708, and at this year’s IBEX Show in Tampa, on stand 3-1737.

For more information about Daniamant and its products, please visit: www.daniamant.com