Digital Taunton becomes a Community Interest Company

Digital Taunton, a community-driven group dedicated to the development of Taunton as a centre of digital innovation, consolidated its status in the digital industry by becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC) on 10th May 2019.

Since its launch in February, Digital Taunton has gained significant support from the local community, with high attendance and a waiting list for each of its events. The move to become a formal business entity in the shape of a CIC was taken to further strengthen Digital Taunton’s position in the digital community, allowing for the formation of strategic partnerships with businesses, agencies and government programmes.

Digital Taunton understands that it is bigger than just the sum of its parts and this move to becoming a CIC represents a formal collaboration between its core members. The shift will allow for the creation of a board of advisors, further aiding the structure and support of its organisational goals and plans. CIC status provides Digital Taunton with a recognised status within the business community, as well as the ability to apply for funding to further support its programme’s structure and work towards achieving its long-term goal of becoming fully self-sustainable.

The co-founder of Digital Taunton, Shane Griffiths, comments, “Digital Taunton celebrates and helps connect people and local businesses together. We are thrilled by this recognised collaboration of our members and by becoming a CIC, we will now be able to make valuable partnerships with other organisations. We are excited about what the future holds for Digital Taunton in our new, formalised position.”

To find out more about Digital Taunton, please visit: www.digitaltaunton.uk.