Eleiko enters a new realm of strength training with cable machines

Eleiko, a trusted name in the world of strength training, is proud to introduce Eleiko Cables and multi-station concepts — innovative companion pieces to our Prestera Strength System. Eleiko Cables set a new industry standard with their modularity, Swedish craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to quality.

“The expansion into cables is a natural progression for Eleiko; from our roots in lifting and free weights to functional cable training, we aim to empower individuals to improve their performance in sports and life with meticulously engineered, precision-crafted strength equipment, “said Erik Blomberg. “Strength is fundamental to overall health and wellbeing, and we aim to help create premium strength training experiences and inspire more people to train.”

Versatile Training Solutions

Eleiko Cables provide abundant training possibilities, user-defined movements, and easy adjustability that appeal to all levels of lifters. The cable system includes several cable training stations available in freestanding, wall-mounted, or multifunction training stations for complete design flexibility. The collection comprises the Eleiko Dual Adjustable Pulley, Cable Cross, Single Adjustable Pulley, Lat Pull Down, and Low Row stations that can be used alone or as building blocks for customised multi-station configurations.

Industry Leading Flexibility and Customisation

The Eleiko Cable System is truly modular and can adapt to facilities’ ever-evolving needs. Eleiko takes a new approach to building multi-station cable solutions; customers aren’t constrained by a base foundation and can freely design units and training spaces that align with their preferences, eliminating limitations often associated with traditional multi-station solutions. Custom colours are available so a facility can match its unique identity to create inviting and inspiring environments.

Impeccable Build Quality for Unwavering Reliability

Solid metal construction ensures durability and longevity. Using stainless steel in high-wear areas and premium materials throughout showcases Eleiko’s commitment to excellence in performance and durability. The minimalist design language and top-tier, long-lasting materials ensure sleek and functional training spaces with an enduring aesthetic and product performance, a lasting strength solutions customers can rely on.

The Ultimate Lifting Experience

Eleiko keeps the lifter’s needs central in all development and design aspects. Precision-engineered aluminium pulleys ensure smooth cable movement and friction-free training, allowing users to focus on lifting without distraction. Knurled interaction points enhance the grip and tactile feel, improving the overall experience. Weight stacks are marked with the actual resistance the user experiences. Whether it’s a 1:2 or 1:1 resistance ratio, Eleiko translates the information for the user, listing the exact weight to make it easier for the lifter or the coach to program, train and progress.

Rigorous Testing for Uncompromising Safety and Performance

Eleiko Cables undergo thorough testing, including 100,000 cycle tests with a max load and 10-degree tip testing at the full range of motion. This testing ensures Eleiko Cables consistently deliver the highest levels of reliability and performance, even in the most demanding environments.

Eleiko is committed to the highest safety standards and proudly complies with industry-leading ISO safety standards. Eleiko Cables feature fully protected weight stacks and an adjustable pulley mechanism design that effectively reduces pinch points and potential injury risks.

Eleiko Cable Details

Eleiko Cables are assembled in-house in Halmstad, Sweden, alongside our legendary bars, ensuring a seamless blend of quality and tradition. Across the line, you’ll find generous weight stack options, precision aluminium pulleys, metal construction, distinctive details and true modularity that set the range apart.

Discover Eleiko Cables today and reimagine cable training. For inquiries, product information, or to schedule a complimentary design consultation, don’t hesitate to contact our team at https://eleiko.com/contact-sales.