Design your perfect F//LINE 33

Luxury British motor yacht manufacturer, Fairline Yachts, launches its highly innovative new F//LINE 33 website, where users can design their own perfect F//LINE 33: www.fline33.com Inspired by the market leading Tesla and Ducati online configurators, the website offers new levels of sophistication and user control, never seen before in the boating industry.

Fairline’s sleek, stylish and sporty dayboat, the F//LINE 33, has taken the market by storm, immediately winning the hotly contested “Superboats” category in this year’s Motorboat of the Year Awards. The launch of the new website gives potential customers the greatest level of control in designing and ordering their very own F//LINE 33, with complete customisation over the elements that really matter and total transparency on pricing.

Following a simple and user-friendly six-stage journey, the user can build their own award-winning boat – from choosing the exterior colour and engine options, to selecting upgrades, accessories and even the language in which they’d like their owner’s manual – all from the comfort and ease of their handheld or desktop device.

As each step is completed, your personalised F//LINE is built right before your eyes as your personal touches are added. The retail price is updated with each change, offering complete transparency.

Miles Moorhouse, Head of Marketing at Fairline Yachts, has been instrumental in the design of the new website. He comments, “With the fast-growing ecommerce market forecast to hit $6.5trillion by 2023, it’s important that our digital portfolio meets the needs and demands of the online shopper. Ordering a new car online is now common-place and in the last six months, we’ve obviously seen a sharp increase in online customer interactions – even selling new boats from our online video tours. The fun, stylish and modern F//LINE is a natural fit in the digital space and as our product offer expands, so will our configurator.”

Full descriptions, comparisons and guides are provided at each stage, alongside the visual representation of your boat. Users can also make an enquiry, request more information and get in touch with their chosen dealer using the site.


F//LINE digital advertising example (August 2020)

For further information about Fairline Yachts and to design your own F//LINE 33, “Go configure” at: www.fline33.com.