Helly Hansen Body Mapping Base Layers Bring Science to Design

Dr. Longman, an evolutionary biologist at Cambridge, has dedicated years toward understanding the origins of human variation, while using his off-months to travel to remote and harsh outdoor locations for fun. By incorporating Dr. Longman’s research and vigorous tester feedback from professional skiers and brand ambassadors Dennis Risvoll, Aurelien Ducroz, and Kaylin Richardson, Helly Hansen has developed the ideal base layer for all high-intensity activities. Each piece is ergonomically designed with precise focus on male and female hot and cool spots, ensuring men and women receive warmth, moisture management and heat release where it’s most needed during high-intensive winter activities.

“Working with Helly Hansen’s team of developers has allowed me to influence the creation of tangible products that are backed by years of scientific research,” Longman said. “It’s also been a learning experience and led to multiple discoveries by putting theories to test and action through Helly Hansen’s ambassadors and professional athletes. I look forward to what else we can create to better support performance in extreme environments.”

The new H1 Pro base layers use a mixture of Helly Hansen’s proprietary Lifa® fabrics: Lifa®, Lifa® Active, and Lifa® Merino. Combining Lifa® with 100% Merino wool provides warmth where most needed, such as the upper back, chest and neck for men and women, while Lifa® and Lifa® Active are placed near the areas that often sweat the most to move moisture away from the skin as quickly as possible – under arms and along the spine. Laser-cut holes offer even more breathability to help the body lose heat when needed.

The H1 Pro base layer collection includes the H1 Pro Lifa® Seamless ½ Zip, offering a seamless construction for optimal comfort and performance, and the H1 Pro Lifa® ½ Zip, offering a close-fit hood and thumb holes. Both styles are available in men’s- and women’s-specified designs including a supporting pant.


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