Helly Hansen’s Fjord til Fjell Outdoor Lifestyle Collection Goes Anywhere from the Sea to the Mountains

In Norway, outdoor recreation is a major part of national identity. Law provides that you are free to enjoy the great outdoors anywhere, regardless of who is the land owner, if you show respect for nature and your neighbours. Helly Hansen’s Norwegian pride shows in its all-new Fjord til Fjell outdoor lifestyle collection designed to go anywhere from the ocean to mountain tops and everywhere between.

Today’s outdoor enthusiasts want to stay connected rather than get away from it all. Outdoor recreation is inclusive and being outdoors is viewed as a social opportunity rather than an escape from civilisation. Fjord til Fjell meets modern consumers on their own turf with styles, fits and fabrics that are appropriate in town, for travel and outdoors.

The Movann Insulated Vest, available in men’s and women’s versions, is designed with Lavalan 100% Norwegian wool insulation that is super soft and warm. Technical shoulder and chest panels with DWR coatings add an element of weather protection.

The men’s and women’s Maridalen Shorts offer comfort and performance with durable quick-dry stretch fabrics, cargo pockets and hand pockets for stowing gear and essentials.

The men’s Vippa Walkshorts have an 11-inch inseam with an active cut. The shorts are made with a quick dry, lightweight fabric with moisture-wicking properties.

The men’s and women’s Lokka Longsleeve Shirts add a modern twist to traditional plaids. Each shirt is made with a lightweight poly/cotton blend with a brushed hand feel.

The women’s Malla T-Shirt in stretch polyester has a flattering silhouette and is adorned with a Scandinavian pine and floral print.

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