Downstream Defender® protects waterways and wildlife in Richmond Park

The Beverley Brook is a 14.3km long river that passes through Richmond Park on its way to the Thames. It is currently failing its target of 'Good Ecological Potential' under the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) (WFD) as a result of extensive physical modification resulting in a straightened, widened, and deepened channel and domestic and urban discharge, which affects water quality and the survival of aquatic organisms.

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Hydro International wins five-year contract with Anglian Water

Hydro International is pleased to announce the award of Anglian Water’s Framework to maintain Inlet Screens and Screenings handling equipment. The five-year agreement, with the potential to extend for a further three years, started 1st January 2021 and is being delivered by Hydro International’s UK Wastewater Services team, M&N Electrical Services.

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