MNSS Combined Screen protects Greenham Common STW from rag carry over

Thames Water’s Greenham Common Sewage Treatment Works (STW) is situated in the shadow of a former US Air Force base in Bishops Green, Newbury, and alongside the River Enborne.

The untreated wastewater that Greenham Common receives has a high rag content and repeated carry over was affecting the full treatment process and the overall performance of the site. There was a risk that the site would go out of compliance and ultimately result in pollution of the waterways and fines from the regulator.

Thames Water approached Hydro International’s UK Wastewater Services team, M&N, to evaluate the site and propose a solution. The team installed the MNSS Combined Screen, to capture larger influent materials at the front end of the wastewater treatment process, protecting and improving the efficiency of the downstream treatment system.

The team also established that the current setup on site did not have a reliable wash water system and found an innovative way to solve this, using the effluent from the Primary Settlement Tank onsite.

Simon Brum, Project Manager at Hydro International, said, “We needed to find a quick and effective solution for the Greenham Common STW to prevent any overflows, and designed and installed a robust, reliable inlet works system that combines screening, washing, transport, compaction and dewatering in a single cost-effective standalone solution.”

Henry Crompton, Lead Project Engineer at Thames Water Utilities LTD, commented, “We needed a suitable solution that was effective and within budget, and the M&N team delivered that. We are very happy with the work undertaken on this site and will be using it as an example to our other Thames Water teams who may encounter the same issues.”

Handling flows of up to 150 l/s, the MNSS Combined Screen is designed for smaller plants and those facilities that require a more cost-effective screening solution—helping engineers, operators and site owners to maintain treatment effectiveness even at remote and budget-constrained sites.

Optimised for reduced maintenance and extended component lifetimes by the M&N UK Wastewater Services team, only the MNSS Combined Screen achieves a screenings capture ratio of 53%, the highest of any independently tested 6 mm combined screen.

To learn more about how M&N UK Wastewater Services team can help you with your wastewater needs, visit hydro-int.com/ukwws.