Polar introduces the Pacer Series – two new-generation running watches with powerful training tools and recovery features

Polar Electro – the world’s top choice in personal guidance for fitness, sports, and health – reveals Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro, two new-generation running watches that give both first-time runners and serious runners the tools and the insights to track miles and inform training. Both watches offer an incomparable running experience with powerful training and recovery features that help runners understand their bodies and know when they’re doing too much or not enough to reach their goals.


Engineered for running, Polar Pacer and Polar Pacer Pro are equipped with a variety of functions unique to Polar. With this suite of functions, the new Polar Pacer series provides personalised guidance and support across the entire runner’s journey, from the first mile to marathon and beyond.


“Running is a beloved sport, and it shows no signs of declining. In fact, one-fourth of all the workouts our users record is a run. At Polar, we’re committed to providing the guidance and support needed to pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle. For that, we’re delivering a pair of beautiful running watches, each with a vibrant display, an all-new high-performance hardware platform, our world-renowned wrist-based heart-rate monitoring, and powerful training tools for an incomparable running experience,” says Sander Werring, CEO of Polar Electro. “The Pacer product name goes a long way in our history. Decades ago, it was a ground-breaking heart rate monitor and we built upon its legacy to create a new line of products that concentrate everything we know about running,” he adds.


Polar Pacer Pro: For those who want to run better

Polar Pacer Pro is one of the most powerful and sophisticated running watches ever built. It’s ultra-light, with a high-performance core processor, and includes an extensive suite of advanced training tools that will help serious runners improve their running economy and performance. The new antenna design offers accurate GPS with no compromises in battery life, offering up to 35 hours of training with full GPS and heart rate tracking enabled.

Every aspect of Polar Pacer Pro was designed with the runner in mind. The stripped back and compact design is barely noticeable on the wrist and provides maximum comfort while running and afterwards. Ergonomic super-grip buttons stand up to any weather condition when every second matters and the aluminium bezel adds an elegant touch to the lightweight body.


With the bright and power-efficient MIP (memory-in-pixel) reflective colour display, runners can see their stats clearly in any condition and the ultra-thin Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 screen provides maximum durability. The new CPU offers a smoother, more powerful UI experience and performance with faster processing and increased memory.


The barometer in Polar Pacer Pro allows runners to automatically measure, in watts, power values from the wrist. This means they can monitor the effort required for every segment of their run instantly, ensuring they always run at the right intensity and finish strongly.


Polar Pacer Pro comes with the innovative SHIFT™ adapter, so users can easily customise the look of their watch with any standard 20mm wristband with quick release spring bars.


Polar Pacer: For those who want to fall in love with running


Polar Pacer is an ideal running watch for those who are starting their journey as runners. It embodies the simplicity of running with all the essentials, plus the specialised training, sleep, and recovery tools they need to fall in love with the sport.


With Polar Pacer, new runners will understand how training affects their body, ensuring they find their pace and the right intensity. Starting with the new Walking Test, beginners and inexperienced runners can easily estimate their initial aerobic fitness based on their VO2max – the ultimate figure to illustrate how much oxygen the body can absorb and use during exercise – by going for a 15-minute walk on a flat path.


Featuring a variety of functions to guide, support, and personalise running workouts, Polar Pacer helps make every run a good run and avoid setbacks that can lead to injury and, ultimately, demotivation to keep on running and achieving new levels of fitness.


Polar Pacer shares similar design principles and many of the capabilities of Polar Pacer Pro, including the MIP display and the ultra-thin Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 screen. It’s light, thin, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing, with super grip buttons for improved usability. The same hardware platform and high-performance CPU powers Polar Pacer for a fluid and smooth user experience, seamless menu transitions, and workouts that start at an amazing speed.