Polar opens up its ecosystem for the first time in a new collaboration with Sennheiser

Sennheiser’s all-new, fitness-focused MOMENTUM Sport earbuds will officially be Powered by Polar, offering wearers access to Polar’s suite of biosensing capabilities and enhanced guidance for fitness and wellbeing, all backed by industry-leading scientific insights.

These premium sports earbuds bring superb Sennheiser sound and cutting-edge fitness tech in one device, alongside both a photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate sensor and a body temperature sensor that can each output critical data to guide the most efficient workouts.

For the first time in a non-Polar product, users will now be able to enjoy full access to Polar’s elite biosensing capabilities and data analytics ecosystem by using Polar Flow as a training App. This includes access to expert-tier performance tracking, training analytics, smart coaching, and voice guidance. In-ear performance biometrics are connected in real-time for instant insights during training and stored for enhanced post-training analysis in both the Polar Flow app and a desktop browser.

This way, Polar is bringing its high-accuracy sports performance measurement to a whole new generation of fitness warriors and is stepping up its commitment to empowering brand partners to do the same for their users.

“Polar is a legacy, pioneer player in the high-end sports watch market and a natural fit for our customers, who value trust, heritage, and innovation backed by science. We’re delighted to be partnering with Polar to give our sports enthusiasts the guidance and insights they truly want” says Martin Grieder, GVP of Sonova Consumer Hearing.

Opening up the Polar ecosystem like never before

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in Polar’s emerging ‘Polar for Business’ offering, which kicked off with a collaboration with Japanese timepiece brand Casio in February 2023.

With this release, Polar opens its ecosystem even further, giving full access to MOMENTUM Sport users, with no need to purchase or own a Polar watch or device. On top of this, Sennheiser users also enjoy access to all-new features such as internal body temperature tracking, to better inform training sessions in a range of conditions. Meanwhile, those with a Polar Vantage V3 watch can now seamlessly integrate this with their Sennheiser earbuds to enjoy more comprehensive, in-depth guidance than ever.

For Polar, this represents a new, device-agnostic direction for their business offering, allowing customers to choose their favourite brands and devices while still being able to benefit from the science-backed health insights and hyper-personalized guidance that Polar can offer. This way, brands can better enhance the user experience with the most accurate data algorithms and analytics on the market.

“We want to leverage our rich scientific background to help brands looking to empower their users with unrivalled fitness and health guidance,” says Sander Werring, CEO of Polar Electro.

“With the right brands that share our dedication to quality, we’re happy to partner up and ensure that sharing our IP, our technology, and our ecosystem can empower their users to achieve their fitness ambitions”.

Key facts:

  • The Sennheiser MOMENTUM Sport earbuds, Powered by Polar, will go on sale globally from 9 April 2024 and will retail at $329.95/€329.90.
  • The earbuds include superior sound, sport-proof useability, heart rate and body temperature sensors for performance tracking.
  • Users will enjoy full access to Polar’s science-backed guidance via the Polar Flow app, including access to performance tracking, training analytics, smart coaching, and voice guidance.
  • Includes new body temperature tracking functionality that works with Sennheiser earbuds, empowering users to better manage training and hydration in hot conditions.
  • This is the first time that a third-party product can be registered as a device in Polar Flow.
  • Full integration with 3rd party services such as Strava.
  • No Polar device is required to access these features, but users can connect their Sennheiser earbuds to their Polar Vantage V3 to easily see their data in real-time.
  • This is the first time Polar is opening access to its range of biosensing capabilities to non-Polar users, to enable like-minded brand partners to bring a richer user experience to their own current and future customers.