Shakespeare® Marine announces new Chinese distributor

Shakespeare® Marine – the world leader in marine antenna design – announces the appointment of its new Chinese distributor, Rongtec.

With immediate effect, Rongtec becomes an exclusive Chinese distributor for the brand, responsible for the Chinese market. A leading marine electronic service provider, Rongtec specialises in navigational aid, TV satellite reception and vast communications systems. The company was founded in 2007 and is committed to providing the best solution in system integration, equipment installation and maintenance.

Allan Xie, Manager for Rongtec, comments, “The partnership between Rongtec and Shakespeare® Marine is one that makes perfect sense, we aim to provide the best equipment and products to our customers, therefore, Shakespeare® Marine is a welcome addition to our portfolio.”

Shakespeare® Marine is the leading, global antenna brand with a reputation for superior quality, performance, and durability. First introduced to Shakespeare® Marine in March 2023, Rongtec became a distributor of industry-leading antennas earlier this month (April 2023). The team were impressed by Shakespeare’s extensive product range, sector knowledge and technology.

Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare® Marine, comments, “We are very proud of this partnership with Rongtec, it is the first distributor we have worked with in China and one that is already proving to be successful. This, we are focusing on growing our presence in Asia, and joining forces with Rongtec is helping us do just that.”

For more information about Rongtec, please visit: http://en.rongtec.com/

For more information about Shakespeare® Marine, please visit www.shakespeare-marine.com