Shakespeare Marine and SMG launch new 5912-DORSAL fin-shaped antenna

Shakespeare® Marine, the world leader in marine antenna design, unveils its innovative 5912-DORSAL antenna, designed alongside UK-based distributor SMG.


The new Shakespeare 5912-DORSAL VHF antenna has been specifically designed for coastal use applications for boats up to 15m. The unique fin-shape removes the chance of the antenna getting snagged, whilst the durable outer material ensures a longer life span, particularly within harsh environments.


The result of a collaboration with one of Shakespeare® Marine’s UK distributors, SMG, the 5912-DORSAL is a small profile antenna, manufactured in the UK achieved impressive ranges of 10miles at 25Watts (W) or up to four miles with 1W.


Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare® Marine, comments, “We are very excited to be unveiling our new antenna, the 5912-DORSAL, a first of its kind in the market. The innovative design delivers a fit-for-purpose option for ventures in small-scale boats, prevents snagging and is easy to retrofit or install onto new boats. It’s a game-changer!”


Sam Adams, Marketing Manager for SMG Europe says, “Our team are delighted to announce the distribution of Shakespeare® Marine’s industry-first product design, the 5912-DORSAL. Advancing effectiveness in short-range installations, the structure and performance of the VHF antenna ensures reliable connectivity for short-range boating outings.”


RRP: £78.66 + TAX


For more information about the 5912-DORSAL, please visit Shakespeare Marine via: www.shakespeare-marine.com. For more information about SMG Europe: www.smgeurope.com.