Shakespeare® Marine Shanghai distribution hub secures its future for the next five years in the first quarter of opening

In September 2023, Shakespeare® Marine announced the launch of its new distribution hub, located in Shanghai, China, which became operational on 1 January 2024. Within the first quarter, the hub has secured its future until 2029.

The order of SSB and VHF antennas has made history for the brand, with additional orders in the pipeline. This healthy order book will keep the team busy until May 2024 inclusive, with more orders coming in.

The decision behind the launch of Shakespeare® Marine’s hub allowed the brand to further support sales in its Asia and Australasia markets, whilst providing significant cost savings, including reduced transportation fees and delivery times for customers in the region.

Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare® Marine, comments, “When launching in a new territory, there is always a period of uncertainty – however, we are delighted that the distribution hub in Shanghai has been well-received by our partners. Our team is busy fulfilling an impressive value of orders from the first three months and we have lots of great orders in the pipeline. Shakespeare® Marine’s future in this territory is looking bright.”

Shakespeare® Marine is the leading, global antenna brand with a reputation for superior quality, performance, and durability. Its award-winning products are stocked in 67 countries around the world.

For more information about Shakespeare® Marine, please visit www.shakespeare-marine.com.