Shakespeare® Marine showcases seven-time award winner antenna at this year’s BAPCO


The proud recipient of seven industry awards, the Galaxy INFL8, is a rapidly-deployable antenna which supplies wireless communication and signal using a unique splice connector. This enables a fast and efficient connection to existing radio cables, which further improves the radio transmission range – another industry first.


The Galaxy INFL8 has been designed with multiple features to enhance users’ safety in a plethora of outdoor at-risk situations, including contrasting colours to allow it to be seen both day and night, with built-in reflective strips for extra visibility. The antenna includes hook and loop straps, allowing for quick and easy installation in any weather, to ensure personal safety and connectivity in hard-to-reach geographical locations and poor visibility areas. Thanks to its inflatable design and manual valve it is reusable, so it can be deflated and stored away safely until it is needed in a reactive emergency response.


Alongside the industry-leading device, Shakespeare® Marine will showcase a range of land-mobile antennas offering exceptional performance, including innovative Ultra High Frequency (UHF) antennas and base station antennas. Both ranges are used for public safety connectivity by high-intensity emergency industries, such as Emergency Responders, Public Works, Construction, Utilities, and the Military.


Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare Marine, will be available at the stand to provide product demonstrations, as well as product and technology insights, industry expertise and individual meetings. He comments, “We’re excited to join fellow exhibitors and welcome attendees to the BAPCO event. We are very proud of how Shakespeare Marine has developed through recent product innovations to provide the highest quality emergency antennas, which we look forward to presenting at the show.”.


In 2021 the sector reunited for the first time in 18 months and after a successful show, BAPCO is back in March 2022 bringing public safety technology users, experts, and suppliers together from across Europe to share insight, knowledge and ideas. The event is equipped to discover, compare, and source the latest technological innovations, benefiting from expert insight, real-world case studies and best practice advice through the show’s high-level networking with thousands of public safety professionals.


To meet with the Shakespeare® Marine team and see the Galaxy INFL8 among others in action at the show, please contact: shakespeareantenna@adpr.co.uk to book a meeting.


Established in 1897, Shakespeare® Marine is a global antenna brand, which recently launched the world’s first inflatable emergency VHF antenna – the GALAXY INFL8. It has taken the industry by storm and is the proud recipient of seven awards. Find out more on the website: www.shakespeare-marine.com or www.infl8-antenna.com or contact the European offices via +44(0) 1253 858 787.


BAPCO Annual Event: www.bapco-show.co.uk.