Shakespeare® Marine unveils its new antenna innovations at this year’s METSTRADE

Shakespeare® Marine, the world leader in marine antenna design, will be showcasing its suite of new products at METSTRADE 2023.


At the show, Shakespeare® Marine will be launching COMM-LIGHT and the 327-N antennas. Complementing the latest innovations, Shakespeare® Marine will present its range of industry-leading and previous DAME-award-winning products at this year’s show, displayed on stand 02.403 from 15 -17 November 2023.

Shakespeare® Marine’s new COMM-LIGHT is a light-up antenna suitable for vessels of all sizes. The first of its kind, COMM-LIGHT brings safety to the forefront, whilst overcoming complex design challenges. It features a new mounting ferrule and a unique design to transfer light from the base, along an opaque tube as strong as fibreglass, emitting light of all colours to shine brightly.


In response to industry demand, Shakespeare® Marine’s COMM-LIGHT antenna lights up from the most prominent and highest point on a boat – the antennas – using modern design tactics in the form of LED lighting, for increased visibility and safety.


Alongside COMM-LIGHT Shakespeare® Marine will also showcase the 327-N a foldable VHF antenna, suited for light work vessels, smaller power boats and leisure fishing crafts. A two-part design, the 327-N features a bayonet fitting in the centre for easy transport, shipping, and storage. Fully extended, the 327-N is 1.45m in length and boasts 3dB VHF connectivity with no extra losses, thanks to its singular cable design.


Based upon the world-renowned 427-N antenna, Shakespeare® Marine identified a gap in the market for a foldable equivalent, developing the 327-N in response to feedback from the brand’s valued global distributor network and end users regarding shipping and logistics.

Launched in 2022, the 5912-DORSAL antenna will also be present at this year’s show. The fin-shaped antenna is specifically designed for coastal use applications for boats up to 15m. The unique fin design removes the chance of the antenna getting snagged, whilst the durable outer material ensures a longer life span, particularly within harsh environments.

Shakespeare® Marine will also showcase its range of industry-leading products, including the 2018 DAME award-winning, inflatable emergency VHF antenna – a seven-time prize winner.


Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare® Marine, comments, “We look forward to re-connecting with our valued partners around the globe and welcoming new and existing customers back to our stand at this year’s METSTRADE! We are excited to showcase our latest product innovations, COMM-LIGHT and 327-N antennas, which will be available for demonstration at the show. The Shakespeare® Marine team will be on hand to discuss company updates, new market developments and product insights.”


“We will also be announcing our ‘Distributor of the Year’ at the show, shining a light on one of our distributors for their ongoing ambition, commitment to our values and the industry as a whole.”


To meet with the Shakespeare® Marine team and see the COMM-LIGHT and 327-N antennas at the show, please contact: shakespeareantenna@adpr.co.uk to book a meeting.


Established in 1897, Shakespeare® Marine is a global antenna brand, which launched the world’s first inflatable emergency VHF antenna – the GALAXY INFL8. It has taken the industry by storm and is the proud recipient of seven awards. Find out more on the website: www.shakespeare-marine.com or contact the European offices via +44(0) 1253 858 787.