Shakespeare® Marine’s land antenna business reports a 30% growth

Following a recent order of 2,000 868MHz Licence Free antennas – which went into production within the UK in December and be shipped in early 2024 – Shakespeare Marine’s land business surpasses 30% growth in comparison with 2022 and marks a record year for the business.

In line with the growth of the business, Shakespeare® Marine has welcomed a new member of the team to the land business. Luke Price officially joined the team as Shakespeare® Marine’s Antenna Production Member in September 2023. Luke is responsible for the high-quality production of Shakespeare® Marine products, from antenna assembling to operations management.

Dave Manasseh, European Sales Manager for Shakespeare® Marine, comments, “We are delighted to report on the growth of the land side of the business, supported with the appointment of our new Antenna Production Member. Growing the company has been a large focus for us  in 2023, and will continue to be for 2024 and beyond, and we are excited to see what is to come in the future.”

For more information about Shakespeare® Marine, please visit www.shakespeare-marine.com.