Sunsail celebrates 50th anniversary with two exclusive flotillas

Yacht charter company, Sunsail, is celebrating 50 years of offering unforgettable experiences to sailing enthusiasts and adventurers, and in honour of this remarkable milestone, it is launching two brand-new, one-off flotillas in Lefkas and The British Virgin Islands.

Sunsail, with a legacy of excellence spanning five decades, is not only celebrating its storied past, but also charting an exciting course for the next 50 years of sailing adventures. Both flotillas will offer a mix of discovery, adventure and companionship for those with a passion for sailing.

Caroline Barbour, UK Marketing Manager for Sunsail, comments, “It seems fitting as the pioneers of the flotilla holiday back in the 70s, that we celebrate our remarkable 50-year journey with two exclusive flotillas. Our one-week Lefkas flotilla invites you to snorkel a plane wreck and explore traditional villages, perfect for first-time sailors and families. Meanwhile, our BVI flotilla promises swimming with turtles, white sand beaches, and friendly waterside bars in the stunning British Virgin Islands.

We are proud of our heritage and our work to deliver extraordinary sailing experiences and we look forward to connecting adventurers and creating lifelong memories for many more years to come.”

An important element of Sunsail’s future is “Our Ocean Promise”. This is a commitment to a sustainable future for the company, employees and customers. It identifies five core pillars of focus for both brands, including ‘Our yachts and future development’, ‘Community and wildlife-based initiatives’, ‘Engagement and education for our customer and our employees’, ‘Action on Waste’, and ‘Net Zero: Our carbon reduction commitment’.

For more information about Sunsail, please visit www.sunsail.co.uk or call +44 (0) 330 3321170 to speak to a friendly Holiday Planner.