SWMAS awarded the ‘Certificate of Future Technologies’

The ‘Certificate of Future Technologies’ is a national business accreditation, achieved by exceptional dedication to internal skills and knowledge development. The prestigious certification is given to a business on completion of a minimum of 50 hours of learning and assessment from within selected specialist modules.

SWMAS has been awarded the workforce development award to recognise its teams continuous learning, training and development towards Industry 4.0. Digital Transformation. Also referred to as Industry 4.0, it is the adoption of digital technology to improve efficiency, value, or innovation through its implementation.

SWMAS’ specialists completed introduction to industry 4.0 modules across the team to help the team gain a common language and bring their individual experience from different industries together and share best practice. This formed the foundation of a development programme for staff in relation to industry 4.0 with many staff going on to learn new tools and specialist technologies to support SME manufacturers across the region.

SWMAS’ ongoing dedication to workplace training ensures its team of specialists present a range of skills, experience, and technical expertise, from lean manufacturing to product development. SWMAS’ business advisory experts are passionate about supporting companies to shape their business strategies for success. This includes guidance through improving productivity, the creation of new products, review of supply chains and helping companies work towards net zero targets, such as its latest programme ‘Make it Net Zero’.

Awarded by The West of England Institute of Technology (WEIoT), the certification is designed to commend higher-level technical learning, showcasing businesses that participate in, and contribute to, economic growth driven by digital innovation and emerging technologies.

Claire Arbery, Director of West of England Institute of Technology, comments, “It has been brilliant to see so many SME’s engage with such an innovative new programme and for it to have such a positive impact. The awards recognise those employers who have made a real positive investment in their own workforce, to address the future challenges of new technologies.  We are delighted that the awards have received such a positive response from the employer community.”

Nick Golding, Managing Director of SWMAS, says, “I am delighted the hard work being put in by the team in upskilling in relation to industry 4.0 is being recognised. The development of the team is key to ensuring that the advisors are in the best position possible to take a company led approach to adoption of technology rather than a technology led approach. It was fantastic to be involved in helping shaping the pilot programme with West of England IOT to try and provide the feedback on the support we see that SME manufacturers are asking for.”

South West Manufacturing Advisory Service: www.swmas.co.uk

West of England Institute of Technology: www.weiot.ac.uk